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Next to the tasks on the construction site there are many exciting challenges in the operative fields road and network construction, railway infrastructure construction, as well as engineering and turnkey construction in site management, cost estimation or processing. In the really traditional sense there are also commercial fields like human resources, marketing, finances – accounting – controlling or information technology with attractive areas of responsibility at LEONHARD WEISS.

We constantly offer attractive jobs in the technical / commercial fields.

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In this segment we offer the following apprenticeships:

Architectural draughtsman, Qualified IT specialist for the field application development, Qualified IT specialist for the field system integration, Industrial management assistant, Office management assistant, Assistant for forwarding and logistics, Qualified land surveyor, Bachelor of Engineering (B.ENG.) in the study course mechatronics – service engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.SC.) in the study course business informatics, Construction Engineer Plus (B.Eng.) in the study course and industrial apprenticeship

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In the operative fields road and network construction, railway infrastructure construction or engineering and turnkey construction the teams jointly put technical-commercial tasks of construction into practice. Demanding construction projects are taken care of, taking into account the organisational, technical and economic points of view. The commercial / technical employees keep intern and extern contacts, for example with suppliers and subcontractors or review invoices for supplied performances.


Bild Correct and orderly accounting is indispensable in a company. By supplying the financial means required we give the divisions the possibility for development and growth. Controlling ensures and supports standardised framework conditions, analyses and provides company comprehensive reporting.

The fields of responsibility in this segment are large and diversified. Efficient company comprehensive planning and steering processes, optimum and requirement oriented insurance, as well as the development of efficient and practice oriented commercial framework conditions and processes are further components which must be carried out professionally.


Innovative strength is an important factor for the future success of the company. With the company's own development and innovation centre and the associated organisation, every employee has the freedom to start innovative projects. In start-up teams, employees can push their ideas across divisions and hierarchies, create clever solutions, use the company-wide networking and quickly develop a concept or prototype.

Our Business Development department works together with many internal partners on strategic and company-wide innovations.


Integrated and intelligible information systems and solutions are the basis for efficient and innovative processes, as well as secure decisions at LEONHARD WEISS. The standardised core systems are used company-wide, they are adaptable and future-proof. The performances of the IT operation are carried out reliably, cost-consciously and transparently based on our agile organisation.


Our marketing team makes an important contribution for LEONHARD WEISS for the support and strategic direction of the trade mark, the exploitation of market potential and the long-term retention of customers and employees. Company intern communication also is a central component.

Almost all advertising measures are created in-house and are also put into practice centrally by our marketing team. The extensive portfolio guarantees diverse tasks, continuously offers new challenges and demands innovative, creative ideas every day.


Employees are the centre of attention at LEONHARD WEISS: they are the basis and most important component of the success of the family enterprise. Consistent and strategic development of our human resources secures our future together and is valued very highly in our family enterprise.

There are different segments within the field of human resources which each offer fascinating and diversified tasks like recruiting and support, education and further training among others in our company intern LW Academy, wages and salaries or company intern health management.


The technology department procures an economic advantage and temporal advance, as well as independence of the market for our customers thanks to our own qualified and flexible employees and the latest machine and vehicle technology. A streamlining of the warehouse organisation and technical customer-oriented installations make the prompt management of our construction sites possible. With a network of extern partners we securely cover peaks of demand. Within the technology department there are numerous interesting topics like purchasing of construction machines, equipment and materials and warehousing, but also all the fields of responsibility concerning the building like purchase, rental, lease and the entire facility management.

We coordinate the entire transport logistics of our construction sites. To fulfil this task we are in charge of the organisation of the transport of heavy loads, special loads and dangerous substances, the execution of the transport of materials to and from the construction sites, the purchase of new vehicles, like environmentally friendly passenger cars, trucks and trailers, as well as the application for certificates of exemption. The disposition or our construction machine technology is also an important part of the technology department. We dispose of a large machine pool like for example excavators, wheel loaders, crushers, graders, caterpillars and construction cranes. In addition to that, our portfolio includes equipment for asphalt, compacting and soil stabilisation.