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Building Information Modeling – Building in other dimensions

The term Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been resounded throughout the land for several years now. According to the definition of the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, BIM stands for a cooperative work methodology, during which all information and data relevant for the life cycle of a building are consistently collected, processed and exchanged in a transparent manner of communication between all parties, or transferred for further processing.

LEONHARD WEISS has been looking into BIM and its numerous applications intensively. During the past years, we have tested the method in many fields, we have used it and developed it further. Planning, execution and management of buildings are optimised thanks to this digital method, and it thus generates benefits for the customer. A loss of information, which often occurs at interfaces and transfers between trades is thus excluded. In BIM all Data concerning a project are saved in a central data base which can be accessed by all participants of the project (with limited or unlimited access to all data).

We conceive BIM as a cooperative work method, which we want to develop further together will all construction parties. As a member of building SMART e. V. LEONHARD WEISS supports industry-wide standards which are meant to facilitate a better cooperation between the companies, subcontractors and further service providers.


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