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    Network construction

We will meet your challenges with an environmentally sustainable, efficient and cost-effective manner

The modern world relies upon a multiplicity of supply networks.  People expect the highest mobility and availability - and not just for their telephones and Internet. They also may take for granted the fault free provision of energy, water and heating.  The Network Construction division is prepared to meet all of these challenges with our experience and expertise. With the integration of excavation, pipeline construction, cable installation and horizontal water-jet drilling, we are capable of delivering all services in network construction from one source. The wide range of disciplines offered by LEONHARD WEISS provides you a complete spectrum of construction services.

We offer a range of services prior to every construction project in the tender stage, routing planning, feasibility studies and accurate cost estimations.

Our cable installers are skilled in all aspects of telecommunications including telephone, broadband, data cables and the installation of power cables.  Our team of highly qualified specialists perform network switch work, installation of electrical boxes and live line work.



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