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Project in the Ruhr district, Germany

Construction period: 4 months Year of Construction: 2023–2024
Steel renovation, as well as fittings and exchange of conductor rope on five masts, as well as renovation of the connection of the existing line 2464 on mast 15 of the existing line 4578

Length of route: 1,564 m
Total length of conductor rope to be exchanged: 20,861 m
Average height of masts: 70 m
Exchange of ground wire against OPGW (optical ground wire)

Project in western Germany

Construction period: 26 months Year of Construction: 2022–2023
Replacement of 44 110-kV-high-voltage-masts

Production of 44 temporary constructions during the construction period
Foundation works
Pre-assembly, finishing works and exchange of rope
Delivery of steel for masts, fittings, and conductor rope