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    mission statement
    We practice what we preach!

Experience the joy of construction

LEONHARD WEISS is a construction company with a tradition of mastering difficult tasks through extraordinary performance.

In September 1989, some 500 employees from every professional discipline (industrial, technical and commercial) came together to articulate our corporate philosophy.

After several days the participants, along with management, formulated the following core statements:

  • We all, from trainee to construction worker to boss, are creating our shared future. We pledge to unite all of our ability, knowledge and experience to not only compete but surpass the best of our competitors.
  • Our focus on quality, economy and on-time performance will allow us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.
  • Our entrepreneurial task for the continued success of LEONHARD WEISS is an efficient, economical and profitable outcome from each project. The total reinvestment of these profits back into the company guarantees our future
  • Our personal pride compels us to work as a team and to support each other at all times.
  • We say with conviction: “Experience the joy of construction with LEONHARD WEISS”.