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    Traditional family-run company
    since 1900
    Working in trust and partnership
    from the very start
  • Bild TOP AG

    2014 – 2024 TOP CONSTRUCTION Employer

    Since 2014 LEONHARD WEISS emerged as one of the TOP employers in the construction industry; in the overall ranking, the company with headquarters in Göppingen / Satteldorf ranks unter the top 60 in Germany across all industries.

  • Collage Geschichte 2015

    2020 – 120 years family-owned enterprise

    From 1900 to 2020 LEONHARD WEISS has developed into one of the largest construction companies in Germany and is still 100 % family-owned. More than 5,800 employees continue the success story.

  • Collage Geschichte 2014

    2014 The fourth generation

    With Ralf Schmidt, Stefan Schmidt-Weiss and Alexander Weiss the fourth generation follows in the footsteps of Leonhard Weiß and leading the family-owned company into a successful future as General Managers together with Volker Krauß and Dieter Straub.

  • Collage Geschichte 2010

    2010 110-year anniversary

    The LEONHARD WEISS success story began with the construction of the Härtsfeld Railway. That was 110 years ago and a good excuse for anniversary celebrations among friends in 2010. Around 200 customers and business associates attended the festivities and spent a number of enjoyable and interesting hours in the Satteldorf foyer and under radiant blue skies on the Casino terrace.

  • Collage Geschichte 2003

    2003 Administrative building in Göppingen

    LEONHARD WEISS moves into a new administrative building in Göppingen: After a Construction period of just 13 months, the new office building in Göppingen was officially opened at the end of November 2003. These new administrative premises located between the railway line and the River Fils provide a new home and state-of-the-art offices to 280 members of staff from three different locations.

  • Collage Geschichte 2001

    2001 Administrative building in Satteldorf

    LEONHARD WEISS moves into a new administrative building in Satteldorf: In the presence of numerous guests, the opening ceremony of the new LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG office building is held on 12 October 2011.

  • Collage Geschichte 1998

    1998 Merger to one group

    The independent sites in Göppingen and Crailsheim are merged into an innovative and stable company group with a new management team. The Directors at the first hour were (from left to right) Volker Krauß, Werner Schmidt-Weiss, Dieter Straub, Wilhelm Wüst and Ulrich Weiss.

  • Collage Geschichte 1972

    1972 LEONHARD WEISS training program

    LEONHARD WEISS training program: Since 1972, job training has been part and parcel of our staff development concept and a fundamental aspect of our corporate culture. The company also took on its first apprentices in the civil engineering division in autumn 1972.

  • Collage Geschichte 1960

    1960 Expansion in Germany

    Excavation and track-laying work: In 1960, 50 men working in partially mechanized mode took six days to relay one kilometer of track. Using our state-of-the-art track-laying train, 25 LEONHARD WEISS employees can achieve the same result in just half a day.

  • Collage Geschichte 1950

    1950 War years and mechanization

    The war and currency reform were followed by the economic miracle. Walter Weiss had been greatly impressed by the machinery used by pioneers during the war. He brought back numerous new and innovative ideas and a burning desire to use modern machines and invest in modern technology. Instead of horses and carts, lorries were increasingly used and tracked loaders made their debut.

  • Collage Geschichte 1938

    1938 Founding of LEONHARD WEISS Crailsheim

    Following the death of the company founder in 1938, the company was successfully carried on by his widow Ottilie Weiss, and son-in-law Werner Schmidt senior. 1938 saw the founding of the Crailsheim division, to cover the northeast Wüttemberg and Bavarian regions.

  • Collage Geschichte 1921

    1921 Purchase of company premises

    In 1921 Leonhard Weiss emphasised his close relationship with the municipality of Göppingen through the purchase of company premises in what was then the Fabrikstraße. In 1924 the former gravel pit was filled in and an office and residential block built over it.

  • Collage Geschichte 1912

    1912 First work for Göppingen

    LEONHARD WEISS carried out his first projects for the municipality of Göppingen between 1912 and 1913. These included excavation and levelling work for the cemetery extension, a number of roads in the Reusch district and earthworks for the Sauerbrunnenstraße overpass and Ulmer Straße on behalf of the Göppingen Royal Railway Construction Department.

  • Collage Geschichte 1900

    1900 The founding year

    Leonhard Weiß took the bold step of becoming self-employed in 1900. He won a draw for construction of the Aalen-Neresheim-Ballmertshofen section of track for the Westdeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft. This work laid the foundations for the present-day company. A contemporary witness declared Leonhard Weiß to be an industrious, prudent and irreproachable entrepreneur.