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    Process optimisation at LEONHARD WEISS


By means of LEAN-Construction LEONHARD WEISS is striving to optimise two central fields. One of them is customer satisfaction, which we achieve thanks to reliability and fairness in our cooperation. The second aspect is the satisfaction of our employees. By using LEAN methods, we are making an effort to continuously optimise these fields and to develop them further.

Opportunities and potential generated by LEAN
We consider LEAN a wholistic approach of examining our construction processes more closely and improving them. We make use of the various methods to structure our processes in an optimised way, organise our working materials and thus facilitate our work and generate reliability for all participants.

A joint goal
The use of LEAN also has the goal to enable a better cooperation of all participants of a project. Together with our customers we strive for the same result and consequently work towards it.

Furthermore, the focus of the LEAN methods is always put on the wellbeing of our employees and the fair cooperation at LEONHARD WEISS. LEAN aims at optimum preconditions for all participants of the construction process.

How does this actually work?
By means of various LEAN methods (for ex. Last Planner method, interval planning method or 5S method) we reduce quality deviations, errors, and accidents. Instead, we create more stability and efficiency in the construction processes, in order to make the joy of building with LEONHARD WEISS an even stronger good experience for all participants. During the development and the application of all LEAN methods all our construction sites are supported by a specially trained LEAN expert of our company.