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Quality is what makes our work stand out. It drives us, to improve continuously, is the core of our competitivity and thrills our customers. With excellent performance, adherence to schedules and economic efficiency we want to make the joy of building tangible. LEONHARD WEISS is already successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2015 since 1995. We always consider quality from the wholistic point of view. Beginning with our suppliers and subcontractors we believe in reliable partners, who fulfil our quality requirements.

Our employees are also fundamentally important. Therefore, in addition to an open culture of failure, we support the capacities of our employees and strengthen their quality awareness. One of the core points of our strategy is the preservation of our high quality by means of preventive measures. Quality management internally assures functioning processes and at the same time externally shows: This is a reliable company! In addition to the quality requirements of our customers, we commit to legal rules and standards. By means of annual audits, external ones, as well as internal ones, we regularly monitor our processes and the adherence to our intern rules and standards. We consider audits an important instrument for identifying risks and potential for improvement.

Quality policy LEONHARD WEISS certificate ISO 9001