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    Model based quotation processing / Tender offers


The 2D plans of the call for tenders can be used as basis for the creation of a 3D model. This model makes it possible to determine the quantities required for the project. It thus provides the basis for the creation of the tender specifications and calculation. The 3D model can also be used for a visualisation of the offer or a rendering, in order to help a building owner understand complex planning contents more easily.


New construction of an office and administration building in Hessen

In the context of quotation processing a 3D model was created based on the documents of the call for tenders. On the basis of the model the quantities were determined, and the tender specification was created. Construction parts and the items of the tender specification were thus linked. In addition to that, different execution alternatives could be shown in this calculation model and be presented to the building owner.

The advantage of model-based quotation processing is an exact determination of quantities and the visualisation of performance contents, which are not possible in traditional quotation processing in 2D. Furthermore, models thus created can be used for rendering.