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    Extend service life,
    save costs
    Structure upgrade and mastic asphalt

Long-term and cost-efficient maintenance of buildings

Our modern infrastructure is comprised of buildings constructed of concrete or steel.  These materials are constantly exposed to the environment and external mechanical forces and if left alone and unattended they will fail. Regular maintenance or extensive refurbishment and conservation are usually required. The service life of buildings and constructions can be significantly extended with the right maintenance. Our highly skilled and experienced team can take care of these requirements.

We have a team of specialists with the expertise to accurately identify and assess all factors related to very complex combinations of damage in order to correct the damages professionally.  Our employees possess the skills, training and experience to correct the damage professionally, within your budget, and on-time using the highest quality materials and high-tech machinery. bauma Innovation AwardWe consult with architects and advise customers on the creation of appropriate maintenance concepts, processes and techniques.


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