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    Structure upgrade and mastic asphalt

ARGE (joint venture) ZOB Hamburg Bergedorf, renovation bus deck, HANV (asphalt support structure subsequently filled up)

Customer: Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH
Construction period: 6 months Year of construction: 2022
5,500 pcs. shear connectors
300 m³ plastic modified concrete transition profile 250 m
11,500 m² HANV
87,500 kg epoxy resin

Ulm, B10 Wallstraßenbrücke

Customer: Stadt Ulm
Construction period: 5 months Year of construction: 2022
The entire road surface of the Wallstraßenbrücke B10 Ulm was removed by milling and renovated by means of a quick sealing system HANV (asphalt support structure subsequently filled up), as well as a rolled asphalt road surface.
There was only a period of 3 weeks per lane, during which a surface of about 4,000 m² needed to be treated.
With a traditional sealing system, this construction project would not have been possible in the planned period of time.
For the sealing measures over 75 t of HANV resin were installed in over 400 t asphalt support structure.

Heilbronn, Karl-Wüst-Brücke installation of asphalt grid with hollow spaces, which are filled subsequently

Customer: city of Heilbronn
Construction period: 24.08.2020–29.08.2020
Milling off of the covering layer
Installation of 640 m² asphalt grid with hollow spaces, which are filled subsequently, as covering layer due to its stability
Installation of HEWAJOINT in the area of the joints

Karlsruhe, B10 renovation of Rheinbrücke Maxau (Bridge over the Rhine)

Customer: Regional Commission Karlsruhe
Construction period: May 2018–December 2019
Structural upgrade
500 m³ installation of tried and tested high performance concrete on orthotropic carriageway slab
250 m² production of steel test slab for high performance concrete
8,000 m² absorption of asphalt and sealing
200 t steel construction
6,600 m² production of coating, sealing and top layer
9,000 m² production of safety enclosures
1,000 m renovation of drainage pipes
1,000 m² asphalt works

Asphalt skeleton with subsequent backfilling Kaufland Emmendingen car park

Customer: WVV Objekt Emmendingen GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 5 days in September 2018
Innovative renovation of deformations caused by parking cars in car park by means of asphalt skeleton with subsequent backfilling in only 5 days!

Kurt-Nägele-Bridge, Heilbronn

Customer: Civil engineering office Heilbronn via Adam Hörnig, Aschaffenburg
Construction period: May–June 2017
Noise optimised PMA 5 S cover on MA 16 S protective and levelling course
surface approx. 2.500 m2

Resurfacing of Neutorbrücke bridge and Egginger Weg road in Ulm

Customer: City of Ulm, Transport Infrastructure Department
Construction period: 5 days in October 2014
Removal of 650 m2 of existing road surface, approx. 8 cm thickness
Renewal of 650 m2 of sealing with hollow asphalt framework and then filled in compliance with H HANV
650 m2 of asphalt concrete top surface layer

L1239, repair of railway bridge in Beimerstetten

Customer: Regierungspräsidium Tübingen (Tübingen Regional Council)
Construction period: 7 months Year of construction: 2014

Part of a federal state pilot project "Reinforcing steel superstructures using high-strength concrete" Scope of services included:

Production of 2 sample high-strength concrete slabs
255 m2 corrosion protection and fitting of a connection layer between the superstructure and high-strength concrete
Installation of 1,100 spacers and binders
Installation of 6.5 t reinforcing steel
Installation of 21 m3 high-strength "Ferroplan" concrete
255 m2 reaction resin, thin-layer of "Boligrip"
Installation of 7 t of new steel curbs
bauma Innovation Award