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Albert Einstein monument in Ulm

Customer: Stadt Ulm – Zentrales Gebäudemanagement
Construction period: 1 month Year of construction: 2023
Lifting up of the Einstein monument in Ulm by 48 cm, as it was wrongly positioned during a conversion of the place to make it handicapped accessible. Its symbolism – showing a 24-hour day – was lost because there were only 22 hours still visible. After the lifting up of the monument all 24 building blocks are visible again and the day has 24 hours again in Ulm.
By means of 4 hydraulic presses with 16 t (10 cm uplift) each, as well as 8 further presses (with a larger surface but less uplift) for temporary load-bearing the monument was lifted up.
Subsequently the horizontal adaptation to the existing building structures was carried out, so that all 24 building blocks with a height of 40 cm are visible again. The monument was put onto 6 bearers in horizontal position, a new concrete foundation was produced and the last 5 cm cast with poured concrete.

Motorway A7 Lonetalbrücke

Customer: Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart – RP Tübingen
Construction period: 9 months Year of construction: 2020
Due to the risk of breakage the roller bearings were replaced by cup and ball bearings.
The works were carried out from below on pillars of 27 m of height.
Exchange of 36 bridge bearings with pillars of up to 27 m of height.
Installation of pillars (with 2 bridge bearings) by means of two 500 t presses and six 160 t presses.
Installation of 72 reinforcements at the points where the presses were put to work.

A7 Nerenstetten, Lonetal bridge, exchange of bearings

Customer: Regierungspräsidium Tübingen
Construction period: 2 months Year of construction: 2020
For the exchange of the roller bearings and the installation of the elastomer bearings a special suggestion was prepared by LEONHARD WEISS, so that the upper anchor plates could remain in the building. The preparation of all the structural analyses, as well as the execution planning and the plan for installing the bearings was carried out by our company.
Exchange of bridge bearings at two abutment axles via the DB
Dismantling of 4 roller bearings
Installation of 4 elastomer bearings
Road safety
Armouring of bearing pedestals
Formwork and concreting of bearing pedestals
Complete exchange of bearings (mounting of the presses, lifting up of superstructure, dismantling and installation of bearings including pedestal and grouting, lowering into place, and dismantling of the presses)