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    Structure upgrade and mastic asphalt

Geislingen, Nel Mezzo parking deck renovation

Customer: Beteiligungsobjekt Geislingen GmbH Co. KG
Construction period: 6 months Year of construction: 2022
Sealing and renovation of surface layer
35 m² high pressure water jetting of bearers in back-steps
2,900 m² sealing of parking deck with one layer of bituminous sheeting, two layers of mastic asphalt and lightened mastic asphalt with light-coloured gritting as top layer.
270 running metres sealing upturn by means of sprayed liquid plastic seal.

Böblingen, renovation underground car park Kongresshalle

Customer: Stadtwerke Böblingen GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 6 months Year of construction: 2019
The renovation of the underground car park of the Kongresshalle in Böblingen offered the opportunity to prove all our specialist skills in the field of traditional concrete renovation, as well as building waterproofing by means of mastic asphalt as protection and surface layer.
On a surface of about 3,000 m² defective parts of the intermediate ceiling were renovated by means of an exciting linear load-bearing construction. An applied surface protection system OS8 protects the building in its current operation.
The superstructure of the free deck which needed to be renovated was entirely removed and newly constructed.
In order to produce a suitable slope of the parking spaces 75 t PCC were installed according to the pre-calculated and marked slope planning.

Stuttgart-Flughafen, ACC San. multi-storey car park

Customer: HGA Objekt Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 18 months Year of construction: 2018–2019
The renovation of the parking space at the AirCargoCenter in Stuttgart was carried out over a total of 4 storeys with a total height of up to about 18 m on a length of about 200 m. The performance was mainly the structural upgrade of the construction of prefabricated parts in the area around the load-bearing pillars and façade elements. The construction parts which needed to be upgraded were opened by means of high-pressure water jet technology and partly renovated or reinforced with approximately 150 t sprayed concrete.
The top deck was completely stratified on a surface of about 3,200 m² and upgraded for future operation by applying an OS-11 coating system. The difficulty was mainly caused by the location, or rather the immediate closeness to the airport premises. Works carried out over a height exceeding the airport delimitation boundary could only be carried out with the monitoring of safety personnel, due to the deinstallation of all screening elements.

Underground garage of Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Plant 59

Customer: Daimler AG, Sindelfingen
Construction period: 10 months Year of construction: 2014–2015
Removal of 6,500 m2 screed and production of sloping concrete
Cathodic anti-corrosion protection on wall and support bases
6,500 m2 of surface protection 8 coating
700 m drainage channels

Underground garage Kornhaus, Ulm

Customer: Stadt Ulm
Construction period: 10 months Year of construction: 2013
8,500 m2 of mastic asphalt and sealing according to Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Civil Engineering Works
Cathodic anti-corrosion protection on support and wall bases
Static reinforcement of supports and wall
Renewal of fittings (e.g. fire protection doors, railings, joint profiles, drainage channels and drains)
8,000 m2 of surface protection C coating, extensive concrete repair with high-pressure water jet removal