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    Structure upgrade and mastic asphalt

B27 Kornwestheim, Gumpenbachbrücke

Customer: WOLFF & MÜLLER Ingenieurbau GmbH
Construction period: 11 months Year of construction: 2020–2021
Mastic asphalt surface was gritted with light stone and colourless bitumen.
2 construction phases, installation by means of machines with melted asphalt spreader, 410 t melted asphalt

ARGE A 99 Isarbrücke

Customer: Autobahndirektion Südbayern
Construction period: 21 months Year of construction: 2018–2019
Restoration of 2 superstructures with approx. 8,500 m² bridge surface each
approx. 600 m² demolition and rebuilding of rim beams
approx. 3,500 m³ production and backfilling of building pits for the renovation of the chamber walls
approx. 200 m² production of pit boards for the renovation of the chamber walls
renovation of 2 transitions incl. chamber walls
approx. 17,000 m² renovation of sealing of the bridge superstructure
approx. 14,000 m² installation of protection layer and levelling course made of mastic asphalt
renovation of 140 bridge drains
approx. 1,100 running metres renovation of bridge drainage pipeline
approx. 1,100 running metres renovation of bridge railing

A 8 Innbrücke, Pfraundorf

Customer: Autobahndirektion Südbayern, Dienststelle München
Construction period: 9 months Year of construction: 2012
Complete overhaul of motorway bridge with 2 superstructures and 2 approach bridges each.
Total length of 330 m
Overpass 2 x 5,500 m²
Installation of the mastic asphalt protective coating, covering a width of over 14 m, with no center seam.