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Supervision of complex infrastructure projects from planning up until taking into operation is a speciality of LEONHARD WEISS.

We carry out challenging large projects from underground work and engineering construction over railway construction and road construction to railway facilities. With our experienced team and an up-to-date, comprehensive train of machines we realise the relevant works ourselves and always strive for a cooperative relationship with our customers. In addition to our extensive project experience, we put trust into our planning office and the use of BIM.


Our internal planning office supports our various business units already early-on in doing the calculation concerning the contents of tender drawings, participation in special proposals and evaluation of subcontractor quotations. Our construction sites are supported by the planning office at the beginning of the project when it comes to planning topics, as well as for the creation of execution planning, detailed planning, and the generation of as-completed drawings. Another main responsibility is collision planning covering all trades and the active investigation of application cases of the BIM method.

Planning coordination supports projects in creating execution and as-completed drawings. In this case, planning coordination functions as interface between the customer, including his representatives, the contractor and his subcontractors and the planning offices.


The specialist field surveying supports projects in laying out tracks and points, construction parts, buildings, track supporting layers and non-ballasted tracks. Measurements of tracks, buildings and mounting parts are generated by means of the tachymeter or GPS. In addition to that, settling measurements and surveys of the virgin terrain are carried out for plan-actual comparisons, as well as calculations of quantities for invoicing. Furthermore, the machine data for the use of large pieces of equipment are processed. At present several construction sites receive support for the use of construction site rovers with operating manuals and the corresponding data management.


TIP stands for „TRAINEE INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS“ (“qualification program for construction site management of infrastructure projects”) and is a special training program for your construction managers. By means of this program we train our young colleagues for their responsibility on construction sites involving several trades. We create especially good opportunities for the further professional development of recent graduates.

In complex infrastructure projects the challenge is to recognise the intersections between the trades and to form the different participants into a functional team. We show our young “TIP“ how the different trades work and thus give them a perspective of the entire project.

The qualification program is designed for motivated university graduates who want to develop their career in ambitious projects. We support them by means of an extensive training program and regular job coaching.


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