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    Collision control / Clash detection

Collision control / Clash detection

For collision control the partial models of the trade planners are merged into a coordinated comprehensive model. During the planning phase, collisions between construction parts of different trades are automatically recognised by the corresponding software and can therefore be solved quickly. The aim is a planning with a low number of collisions, as well as more transparency, consistency and quality. Time and costs can be saved at the construction site.


HERAEUS new construction of office building 124, Kleinostheim

At the beginning, the BIM coordination measures carried out were the basis of this project. In a next step a monitoring software could correlate the trade models in IFC format and check the planning for collisions. Regular meetings were held, during which collisions were discussed and the planners could adjust their planning. Collison control carried out early-on prevents collisions at the construction site during execution and thus saves time and costs at the construction site.