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    Support for cultural, social
    and sports projects

As family run business, we carry out all of our regional and global responsibilities

Charitable institutions (a selection)

Radio7 Drachenkinder

We have been supporting this organization for several years. A five-figure sum flows to the Drachenkinder year after year under the motto "donations instead of gifts." The Radio7 Drachenkinder campaign supports children and youth within the transmission area of Baden-Wuerttemberg / Bavaria who have or had life-threatening living situations - whether because of violence, the death of a family member or illness. The program supports children and their families and schools or funding associations for special children.

LEONHARD WEISS Employee Donations

For many years, the proceeds from the Christmas raffle have been awarded either to needy families or to institutions in the Göppingen or Satteldorf regions.

Culture and Sport

We love peak performances

LEONHARD WEISS promotes cultural life and sports. Culture is the basis of all existence, and sports promote team spirit and a sense of community. Both are important for LEONHARD WEISS and they take high priority. A rich cultural life and a lively sports scene are the basis for creativity, personal development and innovation.

The family has supported numerous cultural activities in the Göppingen / Satteldorf regions for many years. We are committed to team sports and their promotion with the Frisch Auf Göppingen (handball) and Crailsheim Merlins (basketball) Bundesliga clubs, whose efforts are directed in particular at sustainable youth development in addition to the top teams.


German Scholarship

LEONHARD WEISS supports young talent throughout the entire length of their studies with a fixed monthly amount. Students are supported at universities and colleges in Biberach, Darmstadt, Karlsruhe, Munich, Stuttgart and Würzburg.