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    Environmentally sound
    and innovative technology
    Track construction machines

Precision and speed with the best quality

Modern and heavy-duty equipment characterize the machinery used by LEONHARD WEISS. Processes which are closely coordinated with each other serve as a basis for smooth progression on the construction site. This is guaranteed through a continuous review of processes and structures.

We also involve our employees and their ideas in optimization measures. We continually educate and train our employees in cooperation with our LW Academy. We regularly maintain and adapt these high-performance machines in our own specially equipped workshops in order to meet market demands with innovations developed in-house in close collaboration with the manufacturers.

We set standards for effective, sustainable, and environmentally compatible construction. Our services and processes are carried out with the greatest possible emphasis on environmental compatibility. We use the latest technologies and continuously review measures for the reduction of CO2 emissions with our environmental management. We also utilize and explore all possibilities for recycling and environmentally compatible disposal.




We provide you with a spectrum of services that range from complete package services to rental services. Please contact us.

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