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    Extend service life,
    save costs
    Structure upgrade and mastic asphalt

Heilbronn, Rosenbergquartier, outside facilities

Customer: Schwarz Immobilen, Neckarsulm
Construction period: 17 months Year of construction: 2021–2022
Mastic asphalt recycling as protection layer for building waterproofing
Total surface: 5,500 m², 420 t mastic asphalt installed manually

Conversion of a chapel to a civic centre (Bürgerzentrum) Südstadt, Heidelberg

Customer: Public works service city of Heidelberg
Construction period: 10.11.2020–27.11.2020 Year of construction: 2020
The building is a historic former church building. The works were carried out within one week.
Installation and sealing of approx. 210 m² sanded melted asphalt in the basement.
Preconditioning of the surface by milling off the old mortar bed in the hall.

Helicopter landing pad, Klinikum Pforzheim (clinic in Pforzheim)

Customer: Klinikum Pforzheim (Pforzheim clinic)
Year of construction: 2008
Preliminary work and sealing of 750 m2 of concrete in accordance with Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Civil Engineering Works 7.1
Installation of 750 m2 of 3-layer mastic asphalt with heating
100 m of upstand, inlets, end brackets

Hessischer Rundfunk (Broadcasting Corporation of the state of Hesse)

Customer: Hessischer Rundfunk (Broadcasting Corporation of Hesse), Frankfurt am Main

Approximately 2,000 m2 of parking deck without a roof:
Removal of the surface and reconstruction with all structural joints, new installation and re-building of the drainage. The surface was finished with light-colored 2/5 mm quartzite.

Train station in Bad Homburg

Customer: Bahnhof GmbH, Bad Homburg

Renewal of the listed train station building to create a cultural train station.
Completion of all mastic asphalt coating work, including the sealing and thermal insulation, partially with integrated floor heating from the basement to the 3rd floor in multiple stages, total area approximately 1,000 m2.