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The entire spectrum of conventional underground engineering technology with the latest attachments, trench-cutting machinery and H-trenching are available to you. Our highly qualified staff takes on your assignments with absolute reliability. The high quality of our work is also ensured by the RAL quality seal for underground cable laying.

Underground cable laying, underground pipeline engineering, underground district heating, 24-hour emergency service for troubleshooting, surface / asphalt work, trench cutting, H-trenching, culvert construction, mast foundation work, fluidized soil installations.

Underground line construction FTTH upgrade Bietigheim-Bissingen

Customer: Deutsche Telekom
Construction period: July 2022–July 2023
Construction of a FTTH infrastructure from the telephone switch to the consumer including project engineering and planning, as well as documentation. Installation of all main cables/branching cables and service laterals; execution of all installation works and local inspection including all inhouse cableways.
3,400 m civil engineering route
9 power distributors in 2 main cable coils with 158 house connections for 109 consumers

Underground line construction 20 kV line Nellingen-Merklingen construction phase 2

Customer: Albwerk GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: May–September 2023
1,700 m civil engineering works
Two rock boreholes for protective tube 160 mm
Laying of 20 kV cable 3 x 1 x 300 mm² and protective tube 50 mm

Underground line construction 20 kV line Oberweckerstell - Kuchalb

Customer: Stauferwerk GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: August 2022–January 2023
2,300 m civil engineering works
Laying of 20 kV cable 3 x 1 x 300 mm² and pipe bundle 4 x 20 mm

Underground line construction optical cable upgrade Göppingen-Holzheim

Customer: Stadtwerke Göppingen
Construction period: July 2021–April 2022
Optical cable upgrade
14 km underground engineering
581 house connections

Underground line construction backbone-upgrade region Biberach

Customer: Administrative district Biberach
Construction period: April 2020–December 2021
General contractor project with grant financed be the regional office
Planning, underground engineering, pull-in technology, assembly, documentation
19.8 km underground engineering, 45 km cables blown in
180 house connections

Underground line construction FTTH upgrade project Stern

Customer: Deutsche Telekom
Construction period: September 2019-October 2022
For the project Stern in the cities Bad Cannstatt, Fellbach, Steinheim / Murr, Stuttgart West, Plochingen, Hofen-Neugereut, Möhringen and in the in the commercial areas in Fellbach, Steinheim / Murr, Göppingen, Weilimdorf, Eislingen and Dürnau a total of 3,600 house connections for 3,600 end customers and 118 km of underground engineering were carried out.

Underground line construction Obergröningen

Customer: Municipality Obergröningen
Construction period: October 2019–May 2020
Underground construction, wash boring technology, cable plough, laying of empty ductwork, laying of cables
House connections: 83 pcs.
Preparation house connection: 25 pcs.
Wash boring: 262 m
Open construction method: 1.7 km
Cable ploughing works: 1.2 km

Underground line construction Crailsheim-Maulach, cabling of the municipality and broadband supply

Customer: Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH
Construction period: May 2019–May 2020
Underground construction, 20 kV connection, wash boring
House connections: 23 pcs.
Streetlamps: 18 pcs.
Wash boring: 900 m

Underground line construction FTTH upgrade Heimerdingen, pilot project “Gigabit“

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction period: October 2019–February 2020
Development and implementation of a new distribution and monitoring system in form of an app. The customers could independently and without limitation choose their desired date for the fibre optic cable connection of their house and directly book it.
Underground construction, paved surface: 11 km, 6 km of which by means of the H-trenching-method
Fibre optic main cable: 45 km
Customer orders (network level 4): 744
House connections: 654

Annual construction work DTAG PTI 21 Heilbronn, PTI 22 Stuttgart

Customer: Deutsche Telekom
Construction period: 2009–2024
Annual construction work underground engineering, cable installation and fault location in the Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Göppingen, Kirchheim, Gunzburg and Crailsheim regions. Fault elimination preparedness.

Annual construction work EnBW RZ Alb-Neckar and Stuttgart

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction period: 2003–2027
Annual construction work underground engineering, pipeline construction, cable installation and overhead line construction in the Stuttgart, Göppingen and Kirchheim regions. 24-hour emergency preparedness.