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With the most modern horizontal flush drilling equipment from a domestic connection drill to a 28-ton drilling rig, we are the competent partner for your excavation-free line construction projects. Our burst lining equipment and experienced staff are at your disposal for excavation-free sewer and pressure line renovations - even for unusual tasks.

Laying of cable protection tubes and pressure tubes made of plastic, steel and cast iron. Laying of sewers, pressure mains, and house connections, laying along streets, street and railway crossings, sag pipes, rock boring, slope boring, slope drainage, drainpipes, horizontal filtering wells, channelling, renovation of pressure pipes, recovery of old cables without trenches, relining

Horizontal wash borings, Zwieselberg

Customer: Karl Ziefle Bau GmbH
Construction period: June–September 2023
Boring in a steep slope with 110 m altitude difference in solid rock
2 borings parallel, 335 m with water pipe diameter 90 and 4 x cable conduit diameter 90 mm
2 borings parallel, 268 m with the same configuration

Horizontal wash boring Wendlingen, Neckar crossing in solid rock

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction period: November 2022–April 2023
3 parallel borings, 220 m each with 3 x cable conduit diameter 180 mm

Horizontal wash borings for 110 kV high voltage line, Waldkirch

Customer: Martin Bohsung GmbH
Construction period: April 2020
Two parallel borings with a high percentage of rock with 4 x PE pipes DA 160 mm each plus DA 50 mm, length of boring 1,800 m

Horizontal wash borings for backbone-network broadband, Biberach

Customer: Landkreis Biberach
Construction period: April 2020–November 2021
Laying of several multi-tube assemblies in bundles, length of boring route 42 km

Horizontal wash boring high-pressure gas pipe, Allensbach

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction period: May 2021–February 2022
Laying of a high-pressure gas pipe steel DN 200, protective tube bundle parallel, length 340 m

Horizontal wash boring, Broadband network construction in Baden-Württemberg

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG, Vodafone GmbH
Construction period: January 2016–July 2022

Laying of cable conduits for fibre optic cable in various cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg, length of boring route approx. 105 km

Horizontal wash boring, Schorndorf

Customer: Stadtwerke Schorndorf
Construction period: May 2016–July 2018
Laying of 150 house connections for gas by means of the horizontal wash boring method with pit drilling equipment, very narrow space, length of boring route approx. 1,800 m

Horizontal wash boring, Althütte

Customer: Klöpfer GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: February–April 2018
Laying of a pressure main PE pipes DA 315 mm in forest tracks my means of the horizontal wash boring method, length of boring route 1,500 m

Horizontal wash borings for 20 kV medium voltage systems, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, federal road B 27

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction period: June 2017
Production of two parallel crossings of 11 traffic lanes with 140 m boring length each by means of the walk-over-measuring method with 6 x PE pipes DA 160 mm per bundle per parallel boring

Horizontal flush drilling, Au am Rhein

Customer: Martin Bohsung GmbH
Construction period: April 2015
Laying of a high pressure gas pipe steel FZM DN 200 mm using the Horizontal flush drilling method in two phases with a total length of 430 m

Horizontal flush drilling, Neckargröningen/Neckarrems

Customer: City of Remseck am Neckar
Construction period: December 2014–March 2015
Horizontal flush drilling for laying three parallel waste water pressure pipes DA 280 mm in rock under the river Neckar, length 165 m each, use of casing pipes

Horizontal flush drilling, Ottweiler-Fürth

Customer: Energiegenossenschaft Fürth e.G.
Construction period: November 2014

Laying of 4 long distance heating cables DA 220 mm and an empty conduit PE DA 90 mm in five parallel borings, in rock with 155 m boring distance each and a distance of one metre in between

Excavation-free sewer redevelopment, Asperg

Customer: The city of Asperg
Construction period: September–November 2014
Cable renovation without trenches, flights of steps/steep hill Hohenasperg, old pipe DN 250 mm vitrified clay, new pipe PP DA 242 mm, Tight-In-Pipe method, use of cable robot technology for milling work and chute renovation, length of line 158 m