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As a DVGW and AGFW certified company, we lay, install an refurtoh gas, water and district heating pipes in all sizes, materials, under low and high pressure as well as all design temperatures from domestic connections to transport lines. Upon request, we also offer a 24-hour emergency service.

Water pipeline construction, gas supply pipeline construction, district heating pipeline construction, pipeline construction, culvert lines, fire mains, industrial pipelines, building and bridge drainage pipes, plant construction.

Infrastructure provision: Gas supply Wildberg - Effringen

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: July 2020–October 2021
Laying of gas pressure pipe PE DA 160 mm in open construction method on a stretch of 3 km.
Gas pipe PE DA 160 mm – 3.0 km
PE welding – 350 pcs.
Shutoff devices – 21 pcs.
Blowouts 24 pcs.

Partial renovation of the historic Czisch Line in Schwäbisch Gmünd

Customer: Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH
Construction time: August–December 2021
Partial renovation of the drinking water reservoir filling pipe DN 300 (steel) on a length 96 m
Water pipe DN 300 steel – 96 m
Welding joints DN 300 WIG – 20 pcs.

Renovation of the gas supply pipe in Ostendstraße - Stuttgart

Customer: Netze BW GmbH, RZ Stuttgart
Construction time: May–July 2020
Gas pipe DN 600 steel – 10 m
Gas pipe DN 400 steel – 53 m
Gas pipe DN 300 steel – 165 m
Welding seams DN 600 – 4 pcs.
Welding seams DN 400 – 25 pcs.
Welding seams DN 300 – 22 pcs.

Yearly construction works gas / water

Customer: Netze BW
Construction time: May 2018–April 2022
Areas: Stuttgart, Remstal, Göppingen, Böblingen, Kirchheim, Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Pipeline construction works for gas and water in the existing supply networks

Relocation of the Schwabenleitung DN 600 (Pipeline) at the motorway A8 close to Pforzheim

Customer: terranets bw
Construction time: September 2018–September 2019
Gas pipe steel DN 600, 1,180 m
Reinforced concrete pipe (sewer) DN 1300, 400 m
Micro Tunnelling DN 1300 under motorway A 8, 2 x 85 m
Horizontal wash drilling DN 200, 120 m
Product pipe jacking DN 600, 120 m

Heilbronner Versorgungs GmbH

Customer: Heilbronner Versorgungs GmbH
Construction time: May 2015–December 2018
Project 2015 conversion of steam network
New construction of plastic jacket pipe DN 150 - approx. 300 m, DN 100 - approx. 200 m, DN 80 - approx. 100 m
Conversion of 30 chutes, dimensions DN 300 - DN 80

Porsche AG, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, infrastructure, pipe line construction

Customer: Porsche AG
Construction time: September 2014–August 2018
New sprinkler pipe network, PE-HD DN 300
Modification of existing drinking water and fire water pipe network (hydrant network) to a pure fire water network for hydrants, PE-HD DN 200
New drinking water network, PE-HD DN 100
Long distance heating pipes, plastic jacket pipes, DN 250 - DN 300, DA 355 - 450 mm, PN 25
Compressed air pipe, DN 150, PN 16

Re-positioning oil pipeline DN 650 Backnang

Customer: TAL Transalpine Ölleitungsgesellschaft, Munich
Construction time: January–July 2016
80 m lowering of oil pipeline DN 650 mm
120 m HDD wash boring DA 315 mm
15 m steered pipe driving DN 800 mm