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    Network construction

As an experienced service provider, we have got decades of experience in the new construction and maintenance of transformer stations. We offer specially developed solutions for new constructions, which are adapted to your requirements and independent of manufacturers – either as factory-built standard product or as individual special solution. And after taking into operation we are at your service with inspections, maintenance and fault clearance – on demand even 24 hours per day!


  • Planning, delivery, installation and taking into operation
      • New construction, extension and conversion of factory-built concrete stations and attachment mounting stations, as well as special solutions, taking into account the valid legislation / standards / regulations
      • Medium voltage switching stations air and gas insulated
      • Distribution transformers
      • Low voltage distributions up to 4000A
      • Shielding measures and secondary technology
      • Wattless current compensation facilities
  • Planning and execution of network supply of power generation plants
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair works
  • Rental of building site main cabinets
  • Operation of customer-owned transformer stations

Furthermore, we offer the following services in the field of e-mobility:

  • Power supply (medium and low voltage) for charging locations
    • Planning / calculation of power supply
    • Permit / coordination of power supply with the network provider
    • Interface between network provider and customer
    • Delivery and installation
        • Transformer station
        • Charging stations
        • Cabling between transformer station / charging stations
        • Street lighting
    • Taking into operation of locations together with the customer
  • Operation of transformer stations
  • Maintenance and emergency service for charging locations

E-mobility: construction of transformer stations and charging points

Customer: Hahn Automobile GmbH + Co. KG
Construction time: since January 2020
Delivery of transformer stations, erection of AC and DC charging points, taking into operation of the charging points. Service and on-call duty for the DC charging points.

E-mobility; Service & Maintenance; emergency service throughout Germany

Customer: Ionity GmbH
Construction time: January–December 2022
Performance of on-site-service, inspections, maintenance and repeat testing according to DIN VDE 0105 of all transformer stations and charging stations throughout Germany. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 emergency service for all German Ionity locations in case of disturbances of transformer stations, as well as outages of charging stations.

Delivery of compact stations, Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd

Customer: Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd
Construction time: January–December 2021

Delivery of fully equipped compact stations for the local network of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd consisting of:
Compact buildings 3124 in 3-chamber version
Gas insulated medium voltage switch facility RRT
Oil distribution transformer 630 kVA
Low voltage main distribution 1000 A

Project planning, delivery and taking into operation of a transmission station and transformer station for the connection of power plants to the network

Customer: Bioenergie Glaß
Construction time: July 2020–August 2020

The customer is building a combined heat and power plant with a capacity of 530 kW, as well as a photovoltaic plant with 220 kWp. Our services included the following:
Planning of network supply according to VDE AR 4110
Planning and execution of transmission and distribution network core station
Execution of superior and intermediate uncoupling protection
Support of plant certification Type B

Framework contract for renovation and maintenance of switchboards in transformer stations

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: January–December 2020
Installation of transformers, medium voltage power switch facilities and low voltage distribution boards during renovations and expansions, as well as fault eliminations of the supply network of EnBW Regional AG Mittlerer Neckar.
Maintenance of transformers, low voltage distribution boards and medium voltage power switch facilities including sealing ends in approx. 500 transformer stations in the supply network of EnBW Regional AG Mittlerer Neckar.

Framework contract for renovation and maintenance of switchboards in transformer stations

Customer: Stuttgart Netze Betrieb GmbH
Construction time: January–December 2021
Installation and maintenance of transformers, medium voltage power switch facilities and low voltage distribution boards during renovations/extensions, as well as fault eliminations in the supply network of Stuttgart Netze.

Construction and and reconstruction of various transformer stations

Customer: Energieversorgung Filstal GmbH & Co. KG
Construction time: January–December 2021
Planning and construction of several transformer stations incl. medium voltage switch gear, transformer, low voltage distribution board. Connection ready for operation incl. installation of 10 kV and 1 kV.
Conversion work of existing transformer stations

Renewable energy (PV + biogas); expansion power plants

Customer: Energie Weibler GbR
Construction time: January 2018–September 2019
Planning of feed-in for power plants > 1MW
Planning and execution of transfer station and distribution network core unit, of network and decoupling protection
Support and coordination of certification of the facilities
Interface coordination between plant operator / supply net operator and third parties
Total capacity of power plants: 1347KW / 1363kVA

Transformer stations for charging electric cars

Customer: Tesla Motors
Construction time: since January 2014
Turnkey construction of transformer stations for charging electric cars. Installation of the charging station and charging posts.