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Cable laying works for electricity cables up to 380 kV, cable laying works for all telecommunication and data transfer cables, transport of cable drums for all dimensions of drums, cable laying works on cable racks, cable laying works in transformer stations, cable removal works, dismantling and disposal of oil-filled cables and gas pressure cables.

Connection of high and peak voltage cables to end sealing portals, masts for connections incl. auxiliary frameworks for installation.
Security service for cables and installation material during execution phase. Steel and foundation construction for end sealing support tables, anchoring scaffolding.
Laying of construction cables in cable troughs, pipes, trenches and overcrossing scaffolding.

Transformer station Herbertingen, laying of 380kV cable

Customer: Brugg GmbH (end customer Amprion)
Construction time: August 2022
extra-high voltage cable with a cross section of 2,500 mm²
weight of cable 38.4 kg/m and 14.2 cm diameter
installation to cable sealing terminals at both ends

Altenerding, laying of 110kV cable

Customer: Pfisterer (end customer Bayernwerk)
Construction time: April–June 2022
double system with a cross section of 1,200 mm² and 18,834 m length of phases
individual cable lengths up to 1,104 m
installation to mast, transformer station cable glands

Stuttgart, transformer station Sattlerstraße – transformer station Reutestraße

Customer: NKT GmbH & Co. KG (end customer Netze BW)
Construction time: August–December 2021
exchange of a 110 kV gas pressure cable
production of six assembly pits and cable trenches
sizes of pits with a length of 12.0 m, width of 3.0 m, and depth of 2.0 m
delivery and installation of a full-surface wooden cabinet including roofing
installation of a steel beam as auxiliary construction for cable assembly

Marbach, 220 kV underground engineering and laying of cables

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: April 2020–December 2021
cable system with a cross section of 1,600 mm² and a route of 1,200 m of length
underground engineering for laying of empty tubes
delivery and installation of prefabricated foundations and steel for cable sealing terminal racks

Scharnhausen, 110 kV underground engineering and laying of cables

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: March–November 2020
Two double systems with 1600 mm² and 2000 mm², each 600 m length of route with installation to mast

Cable installation Obermooweiler

Customer: Südkabel GmbH
Construction time: 2019–2021
Laying of field-installation cable 110 kV including subsequent dismantling
Delivery and installation of four sealing end frameworks
Production of scaffolding for road overcrossing
Delivery and installation of wooden troughs

Laying of cables Feuerbach, Bludenzer Straße

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: September 2019
Cables for construction site, Length: 3 x 700 m, 110 kV, 300 mm²
Particularities: laying into wooden troughs and 100 m overcrossing structure

Underground engineering and laying of cables Sielmingen-Oberboihingen, UW - Mast 29

Customer: Netze BW GmbH
Construction time: May 2018–February 2019
Laying of cable 110 kV 6 x 2.1 km, 800 mm² incl. installation to mast
Laying of cable 20 kV 4 x 800 m, 300 mm²
Three parallel wash borings 80 m Ø 450 mm