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Mercedes-Benz dealership in Künzelsau

Customer: Autohaus Widmann GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 14 months Year of construction: 2021–2022
Daimler standard “Markenauftritt Retail 2020“ (MAR2020)
30,000 m² premises
5,300 m² net floor space
Outside facilities with 277 parking spaces for new and second-hand cars
The showroom offers space for up to 15 vehicles
inside there are meeting rooms and places with digital equipment and large screens
Widmann in Künzelsau will use a digital vehicle scanner for service works in the future and offers a mobile service for utility vehicles for trucks, busses and semitrailers
Gross floor space: approx. 5,900 m²

Mercedes-Benz dealership Widmann in Ebermannsdorf

Customer: Autohaus Widmann GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 18 months Year of construction: 2021–2023
The building owner Autohaus Widmann GmbH & Co. KG as representation of Daimler AG, also sells the heavy trucks of Daimler Truck in addition to Mercedes passenger cars and vans.
Daimler standard “Markenauftritt Retail 2020“ (MAR2020)
The exhibition hall and the office area are built on about 1,320 m²,
the showroom offers space for 16 vehicles on three stages,
224 parking spaces outside,
on a floor space of 1,240 m² there is the passenger car workshop with 14 work stations, one vehicle scanner and three drive-through direct reception points,
the workshop for utility vehicles is built on about 1,440 m².

New construction AUDI-Terminal, Göppingen

The Hahn Group invests in an impressive new building

Customer: Hahn Verwaltungs-GmbH, Fellbach
Construction period: 13 months Year of construction: 2013–2014
Turnkey construction, including outdoor installations

New construction of two retail and commercial properties with parking garage, Neuenstadt am Kocher

New shops on the train route

Customer: Stadtwerke Neuenstadt am Kocher
Construction period: 12 months Year of construction: 2012–2013
Full-range retailer with approximately 2,499 m2 of floor area
Discount store with a floor area of approximately 1,590 m2
Parking garage with a ground area of approximately 5,020 m2, for a total of 171 parking spaces
Energy production by means of a heat pump and peak load boiler
Commercial refrigeration with heat recovery
Lighting with LED-RGB technology

Nutzfahrzeugzentrum Mercedes Benz, Kassel

Bright star draws in customers

Customer: Daimler Real Estate, Berlin
Construction period: 10 months Year of construction: 2012–2013
Construction property area: 4.25 hectares
Usable buildings are: 8,600 m2
Attached outdoor facilities: 30,000 m2
Concrete core activation: 2,800 m2
Extensive green roof area: 6,800 m2