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unIQus 1st and 2nd construction phase

Sustainable architecture, elaborate façade

Customer: unIQus Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt
Construction time: 29 months Year of construction: 2016–2019
Complete turnkey and ready for use production of an office and administrative building incl. conference and restaurant area, mechanical equipment room.
LEED certification in gold
On the premises of the former freight yard in Bad Homburg a U-formed office building was created in the first step which was then completed by means of a L-formed extension to form an “E“ lying on the side. At the same time, a second inner courtyard was created at the back of the building.

In addition to an economical, flexible and sustainable building conception the duet is extraordinary because of its clear geometric cubatures. Both building parts are composed of four full storeys and one stacked storey. The ground floor, opening up to the street, is set back, and three portals mark the entrances of the house.

New construction administration building Benninghoven, Wittlich

WIRTGEN GROUP invests at the site Wittlich

Customer: Benninghoven GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim a. d. Mosel
Construction time: 14 months Year of construction: 2017–2018
Partly turnkey construction incl. outdoor facilities
In order to be prepared for their increasing order volume, WIRTGEN GROUP invests at the site Wittlich. The long term perspective and goal is to make Benninghoven a globally leading company. An administration building with 12,000 m² and 5 storeys was constructed.

New construction office building QBIG one, two, three

Spectacular architecture made of daydreams has been created

Customer: Hertner Holding GmbH, Heilbronn
Construction time: QBIG one: 11 months / QBIG two: 15 months / QBIG three: 12 months
Year of construction: 2011, 2015, 2017
Partly turnkey construction incl. outdoor facilities
Anyone driving on the distributor road from Untergruppenbach towards Heilbronn cannot miss them:
the spectacular office buildings made of glass on Lise-Meitner-Straße with their white steel exterior. They are definitely the eyecatcher in Heilbronn. A delicate steel network makes up the distinctive architectural framework around the glass cube and makes the buildings extraordinary. Inside the buildings the high quality interior, which demonstrates love for details, convinces any visitor.

Office building Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Göppingen

More flexibility at a high standard

Customer: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Construction time: 13 months Year of construction: 2016–2017
Planning, turnkey production including underground car park and outside facilities
Gross base area: 1,900 m2
Net floor space: 1,600 m2
Terrace: 140 m2
Roof terrace: 100 m2
On the ground floor there is a public area with assembly area for up to 600 persons, 3 conference rooms can be used flexibly thanks to dividing wall facilities, an open coffee bar with counter as communication area, catering kitchen, 3 rooms for exam preparation, as well as storage areas and technical areas.
On the top floor there are offices for approx. 25 employees. A reception and waiting area, suitable for short meetings and consultations, as well as 2 meeting rooms. The skylight with breach in the ceiling to the conference area and surrounding glass system dividing walls really is an architectural highlight.

Central administration TRAGO, Riedstadt

Transgourmet invests at the site Riedstadt

Customer: Transgourmet Foodservice Immobilien GmbH, Mainz
Construction time: 12 months Year of construction: 2015–2016
Turnkey construction incl. underground car park and outside facilities
The new German central administration of Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG was constructed next to the existing logistics site in Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen on the adjoining building plot. On 8,200 m2 useful space a creative and modern work environment was created for 420 employees.
The building is divided up into a 3-floor junction with three 4-floor adjoining buildings connected to it. At the intersections there are central functions for vertical access to the buildings in the core areas, as well as social areas and technical areas.
In the area of the junction the building was partly equipped with a basement, which is also accessible via the three core areas of the building. Archives, storage and building technology, as well as data processing centre with technology facilities are situated here.
On the fourth floor the three adjoining buildings are connected to each other by means of corridors. Next to the connecting corridors there are roof terraces.
In addition to the work areas, the building offers special areas, like a central market place as meeting place for employees with bistro, a room for parents with children, sports room and further special areas. Outside there are expanses of water as well as a recreation path with workout devices.

Central office B3 Teamtechnik, Freiberg

Teamtechnik expands their think tank

Customer: Cubanit Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Vermietungs KG, Mainz
Construction time: 12 months Year of construction: 2015–2016
Turnkey construction incl. underground car park and outside facilities
The new building is the 3rd construction phase and thus an expansion of the building situated to the south of the building plot. A five storey building was realised (ground floor + 4 storeys) with partial basement where two engineering rooms are situated. The new building is connected to the existing building by means of a four-storey connecting structure, constituting an inner courtyard together with the existing building.

Office building with company cafeteria, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt

More room for the world's premier satellite organization

Customer: EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
Construction time: 19 months Year of construction: 2014–2015
Turnkey construction, including outdoor installations


Administration building with cafeteria, Kaufland, Weinsberg

New administration building for a global corporation

Customer: Kaufland Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG
Construction time: 14 months Year of construction: 2013–2014
Turnkey construction, including outdoor installations

Data Center, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt

The earth station for connecting to space

Customer: EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
Construction time: 16 months Year of construction: 2010–2012
Turnkey construction