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Motorway A5 Neuenburg, replacement structure flyover Vogesenstraße

Customer: Regional Commission Freiburg, department roads and traffic
Year of construction: August 2019–September 2020
The bridge construction leads over the motorway BAB 5 in the area of Vogesenstraße in Neuenburg. In connection with the infrastructure provision for the horticultural show Neuenburg, which is to take place in 2022, as well as for a better connection of the industrial park, a widening of the road and an additional pedestrian and bicycle path became necessary. The bridge construction is established on individual foundations and it is a single span beam measuring 11.75 m with a total width of 31.60 m.


The bridge was constructed in two phases, so that the traffic on the motorway could continue (2 lanes in each direction). During the first phase the lanes into the direction of Basel were demolished and rebuilt, during the second phase the lanes in the direction of Freiburg followed. The traffic continued on 4 lanes during the construction period, but the lanes were narrowed.


approx. 175 t steel
approx. 1,330 m³ concrete
Surface 371 m²
Width 31.60 m
Length 11.75 m

B29 local bypass Mögglingen, construction phase 2+3

Customer: Joint Venture B29 local bypass Mögglingen construction phase 2+3, c/o Bickhardt Bau AG
Year of construction: January 2018–April 2019

The bridge is spart of the new local bypass Mögglingen, which was also constructed for Remstal Horticultural Show. It is situated between Böbingen and Mögglingen. It is a 4-field pre-stressed concrete bridge with continuous beams, which is double-webbed in each direction. The four fields have a span of 30 – 36 – 36 – 30 m. The bridge stands on 12 piers and two accessible abutments and is founded on bore piles. In addition to that, a rainwater clarification basin with a surface of 9 m x 24 m was constructed next to the bridge.


The bridge is situated in a spiral curve A=225 m, which means that the cross-falls along the bridge vary.


approx. 930 t steel
approx. 6,500 m³ concrete
Surface 1,819 m²
Width 13.78 m
Length 132.0 m

Fraport BW 1240+1242

Customer: Fraport AG
Year of construction: February 2018–February 2019
Production of the haunched superstructure with longitudinal and transverse gradient, railings and crash barriers, sealing, reinforcement works, earthing, steel construction works and construction of supporting structure


Ready-mixed concrete: 1,505 m³
C12/15: 123 m³
C20/25: 14 m³
C25/30: 60 m³
C30/37: 1,099 m³
C35/45 1,112 m³
Round steel bars: 443 t
Reinforcement mesh: 1 t

Bridge motorway A 8, junction Mühlhausen

Customer: Regional council Stuttgart, office Göppingen
Year of construction: November 2016–July 2017
Partial renovation of the bridge (foundations and parts of the columns were left untouched).
New construction of bearings, columns and superstructure as steel composite construction.
Traffic routing during the Construction time over an auxiliary bridge with 33 m span width.


one bearing was constructed with rear anchoring with 20 m long jacked piles.
On proposal of LEONHARD WEISS the steel girders (3 girders) were not delivered in two pieces and welded together on site, but transported to the construction site on the motorway in one piece with a length of 46 m and a weight of 25 t and lifted into the construction during one nightshift by means of the tandem lift method.


500 m³ concrete
100 t concrete steel

City of Weinheim

Customer: City of Weinheim
Year of construction: September 2013–October 2014
The city of Weinheim is building an underground, closed rainwater retention basin with inlet and outlet pipes in the urban district Lützelsachsen at the location of the planned P+R car park. The buildings are composed of a rainwater retention basin with 2 chambers and an outlet shaft, as well as an inlet shaft and a measuring and throttling shaft with downstream shaft.


Chamber 2 of the rainwater retention basin was closed in with steel pilings. The underwater concrete floor was constructed with rear anchoring by means of piles, in order to prevent the floor from buoying upwards / erupting.


277 t concrete steel
1,255 m³ concrete

Renovation sewage treatment plant Karlsruhe

Customer: City of Karlsruhe, public works service
Year of construction: 2011–2016
The three intake channels in front of the screening building were demolished one by one and replaced by new channels. Afterwards the building was constructed, composed of a new screening building and a new technical equipment building. The buildings are constructed by means of the site concrete method, the roof beams and roof wall elements are made of prefabricated parts and reinforced concrete prefabricated beams. The sludge reception silo is constructed by means of the open building method with sheet piles and under water concrete floor.


the channels and the screening and technical equipment building are constructed during operation of the sewage treatment plant. During every phase we had to assure that the facility would remain operational even in case of disaster. The sludge silo is situated between several operational buildings, so that the space available is extremely narrow. The use of large machinery was not always possible.


284 t reinforcing steel
2.545 m3 concret

Suburban railway bridge over Wolframstraße, Stuttgart

Customer: Landeshauptstadt, Stuttgart
Year of construction: 2013–2014
New construction of a 4-field steel composite bridge for the overpass of the new U12 suburban railway along the Wolframstraße road. In addition to the new "Budapester Platz" station on the bridge structure, pedestrian walkways were built on the structure on both sides of the tracks. The superstructure is planned as a trough cross-section with a constant height of approx. 2.20 m as well as span widths of 25 m - 39 m - 52 m - 31 m. The superstructure is pre-tensioned in the longitudinal direction in each of the field ranges.


Removal of 20,000 m3 of rubble
550 m large piles
710 t foundation
6,200 m2 of form work
700 t of reinforced concrete
25 t pre-stressing steel
4,500 m3 of concrete
3,300 square meters of sealing

Viaduct in Mönchröden

Customer: Staatliches Bauamt (State Construction Authority) Bamberg
Construction time: 20 months Year of construction: 2010–2011
A new bridge construction which was designed as an eight-span continuous beam structure. The overall length is approximately 340 m, with span widths of roughly 2x30 m, 2x40 m and 4x48.5 m. A three-stage T-beam was selected as the cross-sectional shape, which expands in order to accommodate an additional turning lane on the bridge. The cross-section is pre-tensioned longitudinally and reinforced transversely. 11,000 m2 of concrete, 1,200 t reinforced concrete, 180 t tensioning steel.

Grünbrücke Michelsrombacher Forst

Customer: Hessen Mobil Fulda
Construction time: 7 months
Two-field bridge construction without bearings for connecting the habitats of wild cats and red deer over the motorway A7, north of Fulda. The total length between the abutments amounts to 46 m, the total width between the camouflage walls to 50 m. The superstructure is made of 36 pre-stressed double-web beams which were installed during two shifts, during which the road was fully closed in the respective direction, and the structure was completed by means of in-situ concrete. After the sealing and backfilling works were terminated (including cover filling the superstructure), 180 m railings and 200 m camouflage and irritation protection walls were installed.


Earthworks: 20,000 m³
Concrete: 4,600 m³
Steel: 715 t
Prestressing steel: 42 t
Pre-stressed concrete prefabricated beams: 36 pcs.
Cornice prefabricated beams: 20 pcs.