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Kultur + Sprachen Campus Westend Frankfurt

Customer: Landesbetrieb Bau- und Immobilien, Frankfurt
Construction time: 21 months Year of construction: 2019–2020

The new building for the branches of study of languages and cultural sciences is being constructed on the Campus Westend of Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main. It has a floor space of about 37,000 m² and consists of 2 basement floors, as well as 6 upper floors. Its maximum length amounts to approximately 120 m, its largest width to about 80 m.


For the central lecture theatre, a fair-faced concrete wall class 4 in white with a structural matrix (height up to 7 m) was produced. Numerous parts of the building equipment (electronic construction parts, panel heating, sprinkler, drainage and ventilation pipes) are already installed in the reinforced concrete ceilings during the construction of the building shell.


In-situ concrete: 25,000 m³
Reinforcement steel: 4,000 t
Ductwork for cables: 40,000 m
Underground car park insulation: 8,500 m²
Brickwork: 4,000 m²

Frankfurt, Integrierte Gesamtschule (comprehensive school)

Customer: City Frankfurt am Main über HA Hessen Agentur GmbH
Construction time: 13 months Year of construction: 2019–2020
Remaining excavation of construction pit
Excavation of individual and strip foundations
Drainage / sewerage works
Earthing system
Installation works for cables
Formwork, reinforcement and concrete works
Roof sealing works


Entire school building incl. staircases in fair-faced concrete SB3, SB3 planning carried out by LEONHARD WEISS


approx. 10,000 m³ concrete
approx. 1,000 t steel
approx. 12,000 m² fair-faced concrete

Offenbach, renovation and extension Mathildenschule

Customer: Municipal authorities of the city Offenbach via OPG mbH
Construction time: 6 months Year of construction: 2019–2020
Extended building shell
Formwork, reinforcement and concrete works
Sewerage works
Production of local heat pipeline
Demolition of existing façade


Inner-city construction in narrow space, SB2 and SB3 surfaces with partially curving geometry, Semi-circle ground plot, Stairs in prefabricated parts with finished surfaces


approx. 2,100 m³ concrete
approx. 350 t steel

Revitalising Congress Centre Hamburg

Customer: CCH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
Year of construction: 2017–2019

The building measure consists of the new construction of the building part East, made up of the ground floor, two basement floors and 4 upper storeys including a large entry hall, the building parts Centre and West, which are reconstructed to a large extent, the connecting building Belvedere (connecting corridor with a length of 120 m in composite steel construction with the highest requirements of fair-faced concrete) and the protective wall, which consists of a cantilver retaining wall of 160 m of length and 7 m of height including a retention basin.


Reinforcement steel: 3,600 t
Concrete: 24,000 m³
Steel profiles: 1,200 t
Composite construction: 250 t
Gross floor space: 64,000 m²

CAU Juridicum, Kiel

Customer: Facility Management Schleswig-Holstein AöR, Kiel
Construction time: 13 months Year of construction: 2017–2018

New construction of the Juridicum with librarian research and study centre, seminar areas and service areas of Christan-Albrechts-University in Kiel for the faculty of jurisprudence. The body of the building is made up of one base which partially contains three storeys and two interconnected wings containing two and a half storeys. The upper edge parapet is situated on the roof ceiling over the 4th storey at a height of 18.95 m.


A watertight sole with a thickness of 1.0 m was constructed using ready-mixed concrete composite film. BNB (Bewertungssystem nachhaltiges Bauen (rating system for sustainable construction) certification in gold.


Steel: 1,400 t, Concrete: 9,000 m³, Gross cubic space: 50,000 m³, Gross floor space: approx.13,000 m²

John Cranko Ballettschule (ballet school), Stuttgart

Customer: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Construction time: 19 months Year of construction: 2016–2017

New construction of the John Cranko Ballettschule (ballet school) in the centre of Stuttgart. Terraced building expanding over 120 m. Convoluted construction on a total of 11 levels. Extremely high architectural requirements concerning the quality of the fairfaced concrete (fairfaced concrete 4) of interior walls/ceilings, as well as a continuous exterior façade made of fairfaced concrete.


70% of the concrete used for construction was fairfaced concrete class 4 (interior walls, ceilings, prefabricated parts, façade). Up to 4 media were laid in the concrete (concrete core activation, laying of empty tubes, sprinkler drainage, pressure drainage).


Steel: 1,900 t, Concrete: 10,300 m³, Gross floor space: 3,800 m² (103 m x 37 m)

Study/conference centre Mannheim Castle

Customer: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Mannheim und Heidelberg, Mannheim
Construction time: 12 months Year of construction: November 2015–November 2016

In connection with the extension of Mannheim Business School at Mannheim Castle an underground study centre with two semi-circular lecture halls is built. The draft created by Architekturbüro schneider+schumacher shows a bowl-shaped section and opens to the garden of the Castle by means of a large glass facade. Two dome-shaped roofs give an open feeling of space to the lecture centres. At their highest point they surmount the upper edge of the 45 cm thick ceiling of reinforced concrete by 1.25 m. The infrastructure of the newly created building is installed by connecting it to the existing buildings. In order to do this, approx. 7 m had to be excavated in very narrow spatial conditions. Afterwards the exterior foundations of the Castle were broken through and the new building was thus connected to the existing structures.


The moulds for the freely formed dome-shaped ceilings were planned by LEONHARD WEISS by the division work preparation and manufactured at the new mould construction hall.


250 t steel
2.200 m3 concrete

Academy for Film and Television / State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich

Sophisticated construction project with an interesting inner life

Customer: Bavaria, represented by State Construction Authority 2, Munich
Construction time: 22 months Year of construction: 2007–2009
The underground museum is characterized by elongated hall-like rooms. The design of the walls, ceilings and display cases was carried out with black-colored concrete, class 2 architectural concrete in a waterproof design. The 20 m high portal dominates the entrance to the museum, with its ocher-colored concrete and colored aggregate, core layers that remain visible and rough texture. The academy is divided into two areas - the almost windowless base section with ocher-colored architectural concrete (rough texture) and the glass section atop it. The glass section is supported by two steel concrete composite truss girders 150 x 10 m, which span the foyer, cinema and the studios.

Dimensions 150 m x 40 m
2 lower and 5 upper floors
35,000 m3 concrete
110,000 m2 form work
4,900 t reinforcing steel