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DGF Kathaparanlage, renovation powder drying plant, Göppingen

Customer: GELITA AG, Göppingen
Construction time: 4 months Year of construction: 2018–2019
Demolition of the old ground slab in a hall with partial basement on the first floor. Installation of a seepage layer of gravel with irrigation system and of an insulation layer and a supporting ground slab. Production of a concrete base plate for the powder drying machine. Coating of the entire surface by our subsidiary LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik.


Concrete demolition: 250 m²
Concrete disposal: 162 t
Concrete: 87 m²
Reinforcement steel: 12 t
Floor coating: 630 m²

Station Waiblingen, renovation of the roof of the station forecourt including renovation of the mast locations

Customer: DB Station & Service AG, Stuttgart
Construction time: 12 months Year of construction: 2018–2019
The roof of the station forecourt which must be renovated is constructed as a steel tube modular system with ball knots, frame-members and supports with a laid-on roof of trapezoidal sheet, insulation, bitumen sealing, a layer of gravel and skylights. The bottom surface is covered by glass sheets. It was our assignment to entirely dismantle the roof and reconstruct it. The electric supply lines with lamps under the roof must be exchanged, as well as the lamp posts in the forecourt with underground engineering works.


Dismantling and reconstruction of roof: 730 m² with 10 light domes
Lamps: 28 pcs
Lamp posts with double lamps: 14 pcs
Cable: 1200 running metres

EMAG Salach, production of a new driveway to a factory hall

Customer: EMAG Salach GmbH
Construction time: 5 months Year of construction: 2018–2019
The existing base slab of the driveway of the hall on the north-eastern side was lifted up from a level of approx. -1.20 m to the upper edge of the street level of the turning area built in front of the hall. It is now possible to drive into the hall without any difference in level. The former base slab was filled up with wet mix aggregate, and a new reinforced concrete base slab was produced on a separation layer.


Steel: 10 t
Concrete C30/37: 85 m³
Base slab: 310 m²
Ballast material: 200 t
Connecting bolts to existing structure: 220 pcs

RegioRad DB Connect

Customer: Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Year of construction: Since April 2018, continuously
Construction of bike stations with terminals for rental bikes, in different variations for bikes, pedelecs and load-carrying pedelecs. Places of installation in the area Stuttgart City and the surrounding municipalities. Execution of all works according to profiles, starting with excavating works, installation of foundations up to complete termination of the bicycle stands, including intern cabling works and marking works.


Stations finished up to the present: 70 pcs Stuttgart City, 60 pcs surrounding municipalities

Renovation water power plant Tübingen

Customer: Stadtwerke Tübingen
Construction time: June–August 2018
A channel wall serving as overflow is renovated at the bypass weir of the water power plant. In order to do this, a coffer dam was constructed to hold back the river Neckar. The drainage structure was also created to prevent leakage water. Demolition works were carried out in the area of the bottom slab, facing wall and the wall flanning, as well as reinforced concrete works in these areas. Afterwards the auxiliary constructions and the coffer dam were dismantled.


any risk of a potential pollution of water bodies must be prevented.
Continuous water drainage of ground water and artesian water by means of pumps.
Coffer dam made of Multibloc concrete blocks.


55 m³ demolition of concrete
10 t concrete steel
130 m³ concrete

Bridge renovation crossing the river Marbach in Rechberghausen

Customer: Gemeinde Rechberghausen
Construction time: March–April 2017
The old steel railway bridge was removed as a whole. Afterwards the new prefabricated concrete bridge elements with preinstalled railing were lifted in.


Thanks to the optimisation of the construction procedures and the use of a 200 t truck-mounted crane, the dismantling of the bridge and installation of the prefabricated concrete parts could be carried out within 3 days.


Use of a 200 t truck-mounted crane
22 t old steel construction
4 prefabricated concrete parts with an individual weight of up to 20 t

Porsche EZW Renovation Building 4, Weissach

Customer: Porsche AG
Construction time: 12 months Year of construction: 2014–2015
Energetic renovation and conversion was carried out without clearing the building during ongoing operations, an upper rotator was set up with an approximately 55 m radius in an atrium in very cramped conditions


Site Equipment
Precautions / dust protection walls
Demolition / dismantling work Disassembly
Earthworks and clearing work
Concrete work

Elevated tank restoration, Börtlingen

Customer: Börtlingen Municipality
Construction time: 3 months Year of construction: 2015
Demolition of the old water chamber, year of construction circa 1890, made of compressed concrete, transition from operations building into a new drinking water reservoir of concrete built as a passageway. Excavation and PE container filled, dry construction walls built of limestone blocks.

Existing operations building had to be braced with structural steel before demolition of the old water chamber could begin. The new drinking water chamber was designed as PE water storage with approximately 100 m3 by the company Frank. Delivery was via special transport on a low-loader and it was moved with a truck crane, making a very short construction time possible.


Construction time duration was effectively only 22 working days
Delivery of PE potable water storage on a low loader
Diameter 3,500 mm
Length 11,860 mm
Volume 100 m3
Weight 7 t