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Arnulfstrasse 195, WA 21, Munich

Customer: GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH, Munich, represented by: GEWOFAG Holding GmbH
Construction time: 14 months Year of construction: 2016–2017
Residential area with a total of approx. 131 government-funded flats, a day-care centre, a tenant centre and an underground car park with 97 parking spaces. The house for children is composed of 2 nurseries and 3 day-care groups with a total of 99 children, constructed on 2 storeys, operated by LHM. The flats are constructed to be totally barrier-free according to DIN 18040-2. Most of the flats offer loggias or balconies. The structure resembles the form of the letter U with a maximum of 6 complete storeys proper and is made up of a total of 8 houses grouped around an interior court with greenery. There is a basement under the interior court. The level underground contains a one-storey car park, as well as cellar rooms and engineering rooms.


approx. 14,000 m², Concrete: 10,000 m³, Steel: 1,500 t

New Balan Houses 14 + 26, Balanstraße 73, 81541 Munich

Customer: Allgemeine Südboden Grundbesitz AG, Grünwald
Construction time: 17 months Year of construction: 2016–2017
Construction of two buildings (houses 14 + 26) consisting of one underground storey incl. a tunnel connection and a 5-storey office building and retail sales areas on the ground floor. In addition to that, foundations for a car park of the company Goldbeck were constructed.


Concrete: approx. 12,000 m³, Steel: approx. 1,500 t, Gross floor space: 21,676 m², Gross cubic space: 77,564 m³

Nagelsweg Hamburg

Customer: BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH, Hamburg
Construction time: 22 months Year of construction: 2016–2017
There was an office building on the 5,732 m2 building plot, which was demolished to ground level. 220 freehold flats in 7 houses are meant to be built here, as well as almost 120 parking spaces in the underground car park. The access to the interior court, which is planned as park-like recreation and playing area is realised from Nagelsweg and also gives the fire brigade the necessary access.


The structure is equipped with balconies and partly with faced brickwork, partly with clinker brick with core insulation.


Size of building plot 5,732 m2, gross base area above the ground approx. 18,020 m2, site occupancy ratio: 0,43, floor space ratio: 2,71

Schwabinger Tor, Nord, Mitte, Süd München

Customer: Jost Hurler Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, München
Construction time: November 2014–August 2017 Year of construction: 2014–2017
New building development on a plot of approx. 35,400 m2 with apartments, offices, shops and gastronomic facilities, as well as a luxury hotel with congress area. The entire project, situated directly on Leopoldstraße between Münchner Freiheit and Mittlerer Ring, was carried out in several construction phases. The area extends along Leopoldstraße from Johann-Fichte-Straße to the north on a length of approx. 500 m and is divided up into the construction phases North, Middle and South.

BASIC STRUCTURE: 2 floors underground, ground plan approx. 60 x 350 m, underground car park, building, cellars for tenants.

CITY PARTS: Residential and commercial buildings (low rise buildings with 5 upper floors and high high-rise buildings with 13 upper floors), as well as a hotel.


11 cranes during the main construction period, delivery only via delivery zone along Leopoldstraße, 2 ramps for delivery and removal of remaining excavated material


Concrete approx. 80,000 m2, of which approx. 25,000 m3 for ground plate slab in 32 sections, construction steel approx. 14,500 t, 4,450 t of which for ground plate, dimensions approx. 340 m x 60 m, surface under roof (floors underground) approx. 20,500 m2, thickness of ground plate approx. 1,20 m – 2,20 m, total gross cubature approx. 440,000 m3

Residential building Frank on Kennedyallee Frankfurt

Building in confined spaces

Customer: FRANK Heimbau Main-Taunus GmbH, Hofheim
Construction time: 21 months Year of construction: 2013–2015
New construction of a housing complex with 142 apartments. The complex consists of 9 solitary buildings with four to six floors and set-back floors. The buildings are interconnected by an underground car park with approx. 178 parking spaces. Due to the location of the housing complex in a flood zone, the underground car park had to be realised with waterproof concrete. The works for the building shell include armoured concrete and bricklaying work.


The entire complex was planned by four different architecture firms. The underground car park was realised as waterproof concrete tanking. Production of stair railings up to 5 m of length and 10 cm of width as prefabricated parts on site. Production of ceilings with a thickness of 25 cm, as semi-finished parts with completion with in-situ concrete and installation of ventilation pipes on ceilings made of semi-finished parts.


Steel: 2,563 t
Concrete: 15,694 m3

Cloud N° 7, Stuttgart

Customer: Cloud N° 7 GmbH, Stuttgart
Construction time: 21 months Year of construction: 2013–2015
The high-rise building with hotel and exclusive apartments is located in the new European Quarter in Stuttgart, just a few minutes' walk from the main station. It comprises 24 floors, which are divided into 4 underground levels, the ground floor, 18 upper floors and finally the attic floor. The 4th underground level up to the 5th upper floor (altogether 10 floors) have a floor area of about 2,000 square meters; the remaining floors are approximately 700 square meters. Storage and technical rooms as well as a fully-automated parking garage for about 140 cars are located in the underground level. A new Steigenberger Hotel has been created from the ground floor to the 7th upper floor. From the 8th floor to the 18th floor there are high-quality condominiums and luxury apartments.

Difficult site logistics because of Milaneo construction site running parallel and the renovation of Heilbronnerstraße and Wolframstraße. The building is built on a combined pile and slab foundation. Because of the neighboring buildings, single-sided, waterproof walls had to be formed up to 12.5 m and concreted all at one time. 24.5 m high scaffolding towers were used to support the cantilevered balconies.


14,500 cbm concrete
2,528 t round steel bars and 62 t of steel for drilling and GEWI-piles
GFA 27,866 qm
Gross volume: 83,455 cbm

Voltastraße Condominiums, Frankfurt

Construction in tight spaces

Customer: Westinvest, Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH, Düsseldorf
Construction time: 10 months Year of construction: 2004–2005
Creation of a residential development with underground garage, ground floor and 4 upper floors, including the brick facade. Gap-filling development without bearing surface beyond the developed area.

Atrienhäuser und Serpentine (Atrium houses and the "snake") - Residence at Moabiter Werder, Berlin

Easy living on the Spree

Customer: DEUTSCHBAU und Frankfurter Siedlungsgesellschaft

Exceptional architecture characterizes the "snake" at Moabiter Werder, which was erected over a construction period of 21 months. The "snake skin" is formed from more than 6 million clinker bricks and, on the south side, from continuous bands of light metal windows in the facade. In the atria of the four solitary buildings, the building artwork invites you into a cozy home. Its proximity to the Lehrter railway line placed high demands on the measures taken for sound insulation. Absolute punctuality and high quality were guaranteed by professional project and site managers.