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Dairy Mechernich

Customer: Hochwald Foods GmbH, Mechernich
Construction time: 13 months Year of construction: 2019–2020
The consolidation of three dairies led to the new construction of the dairy company of Hochwald Foods GmbH in Mechernich-Obergartzem. In the future 800 million litres of milk will be processed into high quality long-life dairy products every year. The order consisted of fifteen buildings, which were built on a surface of about 4.5 hectares. The construction period amounted to 1 year. The construction project was a challenge because of the short construction period, the high walls with over 16 metres in some places, the installation of several thousand prefabricated parts and the production of concrete ceilings which were one metre thick.


Concrete 45,000 m³
Concrete prefabricated parts 2,200 pcs.
Reinforcement steel 6,000 t
Steel fibre 130 t

Waldenburg, production hall + pavilion

Customer: SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH
Construction time: 20 months
Year of construction: 2018–2020
Excavation of individual and strip foundations, Drainage / sewerage works, Formwork / reinforcement and concrete works, Industrial hall incl. office building with approx. 10,000 m² floor space.


Industrial hall incl. office building made of concrete and wood
Ground slabs with finished surfaces, partly cast in winter
Top-concrete on raftered ceiling
Fair-faced concrete in staircase and corridors in class SB2 and sandblasted



approx. 650 m³ ready-mixed concrete
approx. 230 t steel


approx. 3,200 m³ ready-mixed concrete
approx.130 t steel

Neckarsulm, Lidl R36

Customer: Lidl Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG
Construction time: 15 months Year of construction: 2018–2020
Complex office and industrial building incl. earth, drainage and sealing works from one source. Divided up into 3 building parts: office for 1,400 employees, rejection hall and connecting structure.

Tight time schedule (building shell 12 months)
Slim construction (ceilings, thickness=25 with reinforcements)
Complex geometries, realisation with total station
Height of ceilings up to 7 m in the hall, fair-faced concrete classes SB2 and SB3
Heated drainpipes due to fatty media

approx. 30,000 m³ concrete
approx. 4,500 t steel
approx. 650 pcs. prefabricated parts

Carmen-Würth-Forum, Künzelsau-Gaisbach

Customer: Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG
Construction time: 6 months Year of construction: January–June 2016 (Grandstand + add. works until April 2017)
Congress and cultural centre, with event hall for about 2,700 persons and underground chamber music hall for 600 persons. Approx. 50% of the building is covered by earth. High architectural requirements with fair-faced concrete class 4. Many demanding details were developed together with architects, structural engineers and building owners and successfully put into practice within a short construction period under extreme weather conditions.


Fair-faced concrete class 4, with sharp edges.
Grandstand produced by LEONHARD WEISS made of prefabricated parts with sanded surface (in cooperation with SDC – Steinsanierung Denkmalpflege Crailsheim)
Support walls of reinforced concrete with planned visible pouring lines and rough, non-skid surface
Ceiling of the earth-covered chamber music hall with steel composite beams – span 21.50 m
Due to the extreme weather conditions – backfilling of the schedule critical work space with liquid soil (in cooperation with LEONHARD WEISS Road construction Bad Mergentheim.)


Approx. 23,000 m³ concrete
Approx. 2,000 t steel
Approx. 10,000 m² gross floor area
Approx. 70,000 m² gross cubic space

Bosch – office building with employee restaurant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach

Customer: Robert Bosch GmbH, Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe
Construction time: 8 months Year of construction: 2015–2016
The new building Fe 401 is divided into an employee restaurant with a cafeteria for guests connected to it and a kitchen area on the ground floor and a four-storey office space with roof landscape on top. The new building has got an underground car park with approx. 200 parking spaces for passenger cars. The building Fe 401 consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton structure with a core constructed of reinforced concrete walls.


Gross cubic space: 205.000 m³, Round steel: 1.900 t, Reinforced concrete: 20.000 m³, Concrete: 20.500 m³, Formwork: 64.300 m²

Stihl D2/Extension development centre and new construction production storage facility

Customer: Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG, Waiblingen
Construction time: EWZ August 2014–June 2016 | PRL August 2014–December 2015
Year of construction: 2016
Development centre – the extension of the development centre is realised by means of a 4-floor building situated in eastern direction parallel to the existing development centre, divided from it by an interior court of approx. 25 m of width. The building is approx. 95 m long and 17 m wide with a complete lower storey, which in turn has partly got a second storey underground. A new refectory was added to the existing canteen. The building includes offices, laboratories, workshop, test facilities, incoming goods dept., storage rooms, building technology, refectory as well as change rooms and showers.
Production storage facility – the storage facility consists of 3 main construction parts. It is divided into a high rack warehouse on the one hand and a storage area consisting of 3 further sub-storage facilities and the front section (consignment of storage goods and administration). The front section has got 3 storeys. The high rack warehouse is the largest warehouse with a length of almost 100 m, a width of 34 m and a height of almost 24 m. The combined storage facility is built on a surface area measuring 40 x 75 m. The functional building is used as production storage facility; that means the stored individual parts will directly be furnished to the assembly.


Development centre – insertion of bored piles as underpinning measure of the existing buildings. Cobiax ceiling to save weight. Steel girders as binding beams and shear walls. Berlin-type support system as temporary building pit support. Foundation of the building on two different levels.
Production storage facility – for the high rack warehouse walls of approx. 10 m of height were poured in concrete. The formwork, armouring and pouring of concrete were correspondingly elaborate. The combined storage and front section are founded on concrete driven piles, as the foundation had to be established at a certain depth.


Development centre – in-situ concrete approx. 9,500 m3, lean concrete approx. 2,200 m3, steel approx. 850 t, gross base area approx. 12,000 m2, gross cubature approx. 53,900 m3, excavation work 27,200 m3
Production storage facility – concrete 18,230 m3, steel 1,666 t, gross base area approx. 13,000 m2, wall formwork Maximo, ceiling formwork Doka

AUDI-Terminal in Göppingen

Customer: AUDI Hahn Group
Construction time: 7 months Year of construction: 2013–2014

The construction project was divided into 3 construction phases.

Phase 1 comprises the showroom building, which is divided into an underground garage on the basement level and two floors built on top of it.

Phase 2 is partly underground; the workshop located on the ground floor has a steel structure.

Phase 3 is the second underground garage. It can be driven on and forms a part of the court yard and access to the workshop.

In the outside area, the following building was constructed:
a used car center, the highlight for the showroom vehicles, the scrap building, and the building for vehicles involved in accidents in line with WHG regulations.

These 3 phases and all auxiliary buildings were implemented according to a very tight schedule with a construction time of just 6 months for the shell construction. The concrete core activation in the concrete slap in the workshop area, the oblique supports in the showroom areas, and the round and angled walls are all elements which give the impression of a steep curve.


480 t steel
6,600 m3 concrete

AUDI - New Construction of Stuttgart-Feuerbach Branch

Europe's second largest Audi branch in Stuttgart

Customer: Volkswagen Group Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG, Wolfsburg
Construction time: 13 months Year of construction: 2012–2013
Total surface area of approx. 24,000 m2. The Audi center on Heilbronner Strasse comprises a 22 m high two-story terminal for display and sales with a surface of 50 x 30 m, workshop building with dimensions 110 x 25 m and a three-level elevated parking garage with 5,400 m2 of parking area, which can be reached by means of a 25 m high spindle access ramp.

Challenging construction site logistics due to the bridging of gaps and limitations as a result of the close proximity to B10/B27, the main traffic artery of Stuttgart. Foundation of the building on 286 large bore piles down to a depth of 13.2 m and a 0.6 m thick base slab. High demands on the visible concrete, including visible concrete on inclined supports and curved block wall in the showroom, as well as large-span roof girders made of steel composite and pre-tensioned concrete binders with a length of up to 29 m and individual weights of up to 30t. Exterior facade consisting of approx. 2,300 m2 ready-to-use prefabricated thermal wall elements in visible concrete quality.