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Our technicians cover the whole range of pull-in and blow-in techniques. Our employees are continually trained and educated to stay on the cutting edge of cable-laying technology.

Calibration and pressure tests of empty duct systems and micro pipes, draw-in and blow-in of fibre optic, copper, broadband, high voltage current, signalling and telecommunication cables, draw-in of composite tubing, blow-in of SpeedPipes, blow-in of fibre bundles into compressed air pipes (DLT), blow-in of fibre optic mini/micro cables (FTTX), blow-in of three, five or seven micro pipes or fibre optic cable into tubes which are already filled with one or more cables, location and calibration of defective areas, route examination, as well as cable recovery and draw-out of cables.

Provisional relocation of cables

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: March–May 2020
Provisional relocation of cables in Schramberg for the refurbishing of the Göttelbach culverts. The switchover of the fibre optic cables and copper cables could only be carried out during nightly timeframes from 0 to 5 o‘clock, in order to guarantee the service security of all connected households and companies. The installation works were directly monitored by the network management centre of Telekom, in order to be able to react promptly to potential errors or failures.

Fibre optic cable stand-by channel for Molkerei Müller

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: August–September 2020
Production of a fibre optic cable stand-by channel in Fischach-Aretsried for the dairy Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG / Müller Milch. The following works were carried out in just four weeks: 700 m underground engineering, 200 m wash-boring, 1,450 m cable ploughing, 30 pits, 1,150 m draw-in of cables, several pipe jackings in the area around a federal road, as well as a railway line.

Cable recovery Copperpipes

Customer: TEQPORT Service GmbH
Construction time: June 2019–June 2020
We identify and mark switched off copper cables in the switching centre in a coordinated process, in order to draw them out of the tubing facilities of Deutsche Telekom after a final check.
With the CPC 100 draw-out unit, which is especially constructed for drawing cables out of tubing facilities, over 100 km of different copper cables were already drawn out of tubing facilities.
Switched off copper cables are drawn out of tubing facilities with a force of up to 100 kN and cut up into handy pieces of one meter for recycling in only one work step. Depending on the respective diameter, 5-6 cables can be drawn-out simultaneously, the maximum diameter of the cables amounts to 160 mm.
The drawn-out cables are cut into pieces and reintroduced into the raw material cycle by recycling companies.

FTTC – Fibre to the Curb / Vectoring

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: 2013–2020
Since 2013, 320 local networks in over 200 cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg, like Tübingen, Böblingen, Ludwigsburg, Göppingen and Reutlingen have been upgraded according to schedule with fibre optic cable to the curb to the multifunctional cabinet with Vectoring technology.
In total over 4,000 km of fibre optic cable, micro tubes, composite micro tubes, as well as composite tubing for FTTC projects of Deutsche Telekom were blown-in or drawn-in and installed professionally and on schedule.

Schulen ans Netz

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: July–December 2019
In the area of Schramberg, Sulz and Oberndorf we have connected 20 schools directly to the network of Deutsche Telekom in connection with government-funded broadband upgrades for telecommunication.
The necessary underground engineering / blow-in / draw-in and installation works were carried out professionally and on schedule mainly during holidays and partially in very short construction periods.

Breitbandversorgung Mühlingen

Customer: BLS Breitbandversorgungsgesellschaft Sigmaringen
Construction time: February–November 2019 
In Mühlingen 204 houses in six parts of the municipality were directly connected to the network of NetCom by means of fibre optic cable. About 64 km of house connection cables and 30 km of backbone cable were blown-in and installed professionally and on schedule.

Loop wiring system Unterwerke Stuttgart21

Customer: EnBW AG
Construction time: 2016–2019
Passing through the existing district heating network of EnBW AG the existing “Unterwerke“ (underground buildings of EnBW Kraftwerk AG) in Stuttgart were connected to the power station Münster by means of control cables and fibre optic cables. The cables were laid through the existing utility tunnels and through buildings of the district heating system under extremely difficult conditions. For the construction works of the project S21 numerous new cables had to be laid. Remotely controlled robots were used for areas of the distance heating network which were difficult to access, in order to prevent having to dig in urban areas. Up to the present composite tubing, SpeedPipes, control cables and fibre optic cables were blown in or drawn in on approx. 10 km.

Calibration and pressure tests in Baden-Württemberg

Customer: Various customers
Construction time: 2010–2019
From 2010 – 2019 we already tested over 10,000 km of empty tubing for various customers. The calibration and pressure tests are carried out on cable conduits DN 32 – DN 160, as well as on empty tubing/composite tubing of SpeedPipes / subducts with interior diameters of 8.0 to 20.0 mm. A successful and professionally executed calibration and pressure test also serves as quality assessment for the correct installation. In case of necessity erroneous stretches are detected and calibrated, in order to guarantee prompt repairs.