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Our technicians cover the whole range of pull-in and blow-in techniques. Our employees are continually trained and educated to stay on the cutting edge of cable-laying technology.

Calibration and pressure tests of empty tubing systems and micro-tubes, draw-in and blow-in of fibre optic cables, copper cables, broadband cables, power cables, signalling and telecommunication cables, draw-in of composite tubing, blow-in of micro-tubes (SpeedPipes), blow-in of fibre bundles in pressure pipes, blow-in of fibre optic mini/micro cables (FTTX), blow-in of three, five or seven micro-tubes or fibre optic cables in tubes containing individual or several cables, location and calibration of error locations, routing exploration.

Loop wiring system Unterwerke Stuttgart21

Customer: EnBW AG
Construction time: 2016 – 2019
Passing through the existing district heating network of EnBW AG the existing “Unterwerke“ (underground buildings of EnBW Kraftwerk AG) in Stuttgart were connected to the power station Münster by means of control cables and fibre optic cables. The cables were laid through the existing utility tunnels and through buildings of the district heating system under extremely difficult conditions. For the construction works of the project S21 numerous new cables had to be laid. Remotely controlled robots were used for areas of the distance heating network which were difficult to access, in order to prevent having to dig in urban areas. Up to the present composite tubing, SpeedPipes, control cables and fibre optic cables were blown in or drawn in on approx. 10 km.

Calibration and pressure tests in Baden-Württemberg

Customer: Various customers
Construction time: 2010 – 2019
From 2010 – 2019 we already tested over 10,000 km of empty tubing for various customers. The calibration and pressure tests are carried out on cable conduits DN 32 – DN 160, as well as on empty tubing/composite tubing of SpeedPipes / subducts with interior diameters of 8.0 to 20.0 mm. A successful and professionally executed calibration and pressure test also serves as quality assessment for the correct installation. In case of necessity erroneous stretches are detected and calibrated, in order to guarantee prompt repairs.

Cable recovery Copperfield

Customer: Teqport
Construction time: March 2017 – October 2018
This method allows the recovery of inoperative copper and aluminium cables from the ground. Copperfield is the soil-conserving method developed by LW, making it possible to recover underground cables by means of the patented draw-out unit without any additional digging. Large lengths of underground cable recovered from unpaved surfaces can thus be economically used. This possibility is especially interesting in the field of construction ground, where inoperative cables need to be removed, in order to be able to start new construction work. Up to the present we have recovered over 17 km of cables with this method.

Monheim to Donauwörth

Production of local junction cable

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: September 2017
During the execution period of only 10 work days 7 x 16,400 m SpeedPipes (= total length of Speednet pipes installed: 114.8 km) and 21,100 m fibre optic cable with 96 fibres were blown in.

Heilbronn to Sinsheim

Blow-in of fibre optic cable and SpeedPipes into existing pipes

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: April – September 2017
New fibre optic cable with a length of around 35 km was laid between Heilbronn and Sinsheim. 53 pits for drawing had to be created over the entire distance and 17 km Speednet pipes were installed.

FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) fibre optic upgrade

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: March 2013 – 2019
The upgrade with fibre optic cable to the curb to the multifunctional cabinet was carried out on schedule in over 80 cities in Baden-Württemberg. The cities Tübingen, Böblingen, Ludwigsburg, Göppingen and Reutlingen were among these cities. A total of over 50,000 km of fibre optic cable, SpeedPipes, Speednet pipe bundles and composite tubing for FTTC projects of Deutsche Telekom was blown in or drawn in during these projects.


Fibre optic cable laying of submarine cable in the pressure tunnel of a water power plant

Customer: EnBW AG
Construction time: November 2012 und January 2013
A continuous fibre optic cable was laid through the 2.84 km long pressure tunnel of the water power plant from the barrage dam Heimbach to the equipment building at the pressure pipe line in Bettenhausen. Empty conduits and power cables were also laid into the pressure pipe line, which has an incline of 62 m on almost 200 m. Due to the positive experience all splicing and installation works for the fibre optic cable were also awarded to LEONHARD WEISS.

DLR – blowing in of fibre optic bundles in small compressed air pipes

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Construction time: 2016 - 2019
With this special technology fibre optic bundles are blown into existing main cables under compressed air supervision into the small compressed air pipes. This method helps to avoid underground construction works in high quality surfaces and bridge existing gaps in lines. Up to the present approx. 50 km fibre optic cables were blown in by means of this technology in various FTTC projects.