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    General contractor network construction

S21 Tunatunnel

Customer: General Contractor Network Construction LEONHARD WEISS
Construction period: 5 months Year of Construction: 2022–2025
In connection with the tunnel project S21 Tuna we install special fire protection pads as temporary solutions during the cable draw-in works, in order to guarantee part of the fire protection required. When all cable draw-in works are completed, these temporary solutions will be deinstalled and replaced by durable fire stops. The particularity is, that we are obliged to work with special fire protection systems in some areas, which do not only correspond to the required fire rating, but they must also be resistant to certain environmental influences like water, dust, as well as suction and traction effects. Currently several hundred of these fire protection pads have already been installed.

LUMEN München

Customer: SFB Filderstadt-Bolanden
Construction period: 10 months Year of Construction: 2023–2024
In connection with this new construction project, we construct the main part of firestops in the entire building in the areas of walls and ceilings. In addition to various soft fire stops, numerous mortar fire stops need to be produced. The particularity of the project is due to special large fire stops, which were installed corresponding to the license and structural requirements with fire protection mortar.

Universität Regensburg

We don’t give a chance to fire!

Customer:ARGE TG Uni Regensburg
Construction period: 3 months Year of construction: 2022
In the area around the underground car park of the University Regensburg the requirement was to carry out the existing joints between building parts as fire protection joints in F90 quality. A particularity was represented by the various widths of the joints from 1 cm to 7 cm. These were filled with certified fire protection joint cords and subsequently sealed with a special PU joint seal certified for the application. A total of 2.3 km fire protection joints was installed by the LW fire protection technicians.

D-BOS Berlin

Professional structural fire protection saves life and property

Customer:Station & Service AG, Regionalbereich OST
Construction period: since Juny 2022 Year of construction: 2022
In connection with the renovation of authorities and organisations with safety functions (BOS) of five train stations at present (Cottbus, Eberswalde, Angermünde, Stralsund and Binz), LEONHARD WEISS experts are developing individual reports in the field of fire protection for the planned construction measures. The challenge is to bundle the various requirements resulting from the state building code, fire protection requirements and manufacturer requirements concerning the installation situations on site, in order to create an optimised situation, so that the new BOS facility can be constructed according to the certifications and the current state of the art. Further train stations are to follow.

Gateway Gardens

Production of fire protection in the newly constructed tunnel Gateway Gardens

Customer: DB Netz AG
Construction period: 24 months Year of construction: 2020–2021
Production of soft firestops, approx. 490 pcs. (approx. 60m²).
F90-enclosures of technical facilities and wall breakthroughs. Production of fire protections at cable inlets and engineering rooms of the newly constructed railway station Gateway Gardens in Frankfurt am Main / airport, as well as in the newly constructed tunnel for guaranteeing the fire protection requirements for operation.

Institutions and organisations with safety responsibilities – fire protection

Frankfurt am Main – urban railway, fire protection measures for institutions and organisations with safety responsibilities Funk

Customer: DB Bahnbaugruppe GmbH
Construction period: 2 months Year of construction: 2021
Preparation of fire protection relevant test reports by Leonhard Weiss expert. Enclosures for IECC control cabinets. Special fire protection doors T90 RS with overhead door-closers and automatic release were installed. All entry and exit ways of cables into and out of the enclosure were sealed off correspondingly. Installation of cable boxes. Special fire protection taping for cables supplying the IECC cabinets.