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New construction of digital railway control centre on the line 2610 Kempen-Kleve

High speed project

Customer: Scheidt&Bachmann
Construction period: 23 months Year of construction: 2021–2022


High speed project (optimisation and speedup of process interfaces in new construction projects)

The present project is a high-speed project, the focus of which mainly is to achieve an optimisation of process interfaces within a new construction project. On the approx. 65 kilometre long section Kleve – Kempen of the line 2610 there is an outdated control, communication, and safety system, which is to be converted into the latest generation of railway control centre technology by means of a digital railway control centre. LEONHARD WEISS is responsible for all underground engineering and underground cable works, signal foundations, laying of cables and the equipment 50Hz for power supply and point heating. For the realisation a continuous cable duct system made of concrete and glass fibre reinforced plastic cable ducts in the sizes I and II must be produced and upgraded along the entire section of the line. In addition to that, there are over 60 level crossings along the line, about 30 of which must be converted 1:1. New roads and track crossings are thus required and new monolith foundations for signal and barrier machines must be built. Furthermore, there are eight train stations on the line, in which also numerous track crossings must be built, and concrete cable duct must be laid, in order to allow the approx. 200,000 m new cabling of the signal technology.

Frankfurt am Main traffic junction Stadium

New IECC for Frankfurt Niederrad

Customer: DB Netz AG, Frankfurt
Construction period: 27 months Year of construction: 2020–2022
Workforce: 4 - 8 employees. Use of technology: 1-3 road-rail excavators
Laying of cables for control, communication, and safety system/telecommunication: 61/1 km
Cable duct system concrete and glass fibre reinforced plastic approx. 1,000 m
Cable duct system prov. cable duct: approx. 2,100 m
Cable assembly chutes sizes IV-X: 16
Signal foundations driven casing pipes: 47
Signal foundations concrete monolith: 2
Signal foundations concrete foundation small construction type: 3
Signalfundamente Betonfuß kleine Bauform: 3
Driven casing pipe foundations for signal brackets with rail drill: 4 pcs.
Signal brackets: 4 pcs.
Track crossings in open construction method 2-22 wheel-track adhesion control in concrete: 12 pcs.
Track crossings in open construction method steel tube DN350-800: 2 pcs.
Dismantling signal brackets: 2 pcs.
Dismantling signals: 44 pcs.

Ammertal overhead line facility on the line Herrenberg-Tübingen

Special heavy construction and overhead line foundations

Customer: Zweckverband ÖPNV im Ammertal
Construction period: July 2020–November 2022 (in Sperrpausen, jeweils Schulferien) Year of construction: 2020


Ductile overhead line facility mast foundations, overhead line facility stepped foundations and in-situ concrete foundations

The Ammertalbahn runs along approximately 21.3 km from Tübingen to Herrenberg, about 5.1 km of which are realised as double-track line. Already in the tender documents, the extremely difficult ground conditions in the area from Tübingen to Entringen were explained and an alternative foundation method called for. This version includes the foundation with grouted, ductile cast-iron tubes, which were already efficiently used for the construction of houses and halls, but for which there is not yet any experience in the field of track construction. In order to bindingly define the specific values for the foundation planning, we had driven in nine test piles in advance and submitted them to static test loads in cooperation with the university of Stuttgart. In this way, 181 masts were founded on ductile piles. For one angled mast, eight piles, positioned in a square were driven into the earth up to 20 metres deep and grouted. Foundations in-situ concrete: 310 pcs. special heavy construction foundations:181 pcs. (with 12,000 running metres ductile cast piles)

eHighway A5

First German test track for hybrid trucks

Customer: Siemens AG
Construction period: 5 months Year of construction: 2018
Erection of overhead line masts incl. foundations made of driven casing pipes next to the motorway A5. Pilot project in Germany as field test of the federal state Hessen. Construction of 300 driven casing pipes with lengths up to 8 m as foundation, erection of 300 round pipe masts with a length of 13 m, erection of 6 lattice masts at the core of the motorway with heavy duty concrete foundations. Shutdown of three traffic lanes on week end days was required for this work.

Drilling and pressing performances

Non-disruptive pipe driving during railway operation

Customer: General contractors, cities, municipalities, local authorities
Year of construction: 2016, 2017, 2018 in various construction measures of LEONHARD WEISS
Production of cut-troughs at infrastructure facilities in the sizes DN 80 to DN 170 with plastic pipes (Grundobore 200s), as well as DN 200 to DN 250 with steel pipes (BPU-325). Facility can be used in sewers from DN 1000, as it can be folded up. Makes non-disruptive pipe driving possible.

Building projects up to the present

3-track upgrade Freilassing: 100 m non-disruptive pipe driving
IECC Heidingsfeld: 40 m non-disruptive pipe driving
ABS 48 VE building 02 – Buchloe – Memmingen: 25 – 30 m non-disruptive pipe driving
Südbahn Ulm: probably 720.00 m cable conduit size II I.F.