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Noise protection wall Haltingen

We make the black forest more quiet

Customer: DB Netz AG, Freiburg
Construction period: 8 months Year of construction: 2022
In connection with the project upgrade of line/new construction of line KA-Basel, PFA 9.2 ÜBW Haltingen Nord two noise protection walls were erected. The noise protection wall east could be built entirely without any influence on railway operation. For the noise protection wall middle certain parts of the wall had to be built during shutdowns during the night due to their position close to the line 4000. A total of 8,360 m² of noise protection elements (aluminium and concrete), 2,200 m² concrete foundation elements, 750 m driven casing pipes Ø 700 mm, as well as 230 t steel supports were installed.

RRX PA 1.2. Leverkusen

The RRX is put behind quiet walls

Customer: DB Netz AG
Construction period: 39 months Year of construction: 2020–2023
The project includes the production of noise protection walls up to a height of 6 m by means of company-internal authorisations, among others. 2,000 running meters were installed, and 1,200 running meters dismantled. A total of 10,000 m cable duct was installed. Signal foundations 61 pcs.

Special challenges

Work during nightly shutdowns in the area around the ICE line Cologne – Hamburg
Construction between existing buildings in the inner city of Leverkusen

Noise protection wall Neustadt Weinstraße

Customer: DB Netz AG, Karlsruhe
Construction period: 24 months Year of construction: 2021–2022
The noise protection walls in Neustadt an der Weinstraße are divided into four main sections (noise protection wall 1 – 4), which include a total length of approx. 3.4 km. The noise protection walls expand over the entire area of the city. Due to the fact, that the walls are situated on a dam and in the city centre, the realisation of logistics was very challenging. All works had to be carried out during very short shutdowns, respectively 4.5 h shutdowns. A total of 10,000 m² noise protection wall elements, 3,000 m driven casing pipes, 2.5 km root piles, as well as 200 t steel supports were used. The numerous bridges and passages were spanned by means of torsion beams; a total of 13 steel and reinforced concrete beams were lifted in place by a truck-mounted crane.

Lärmschutzwand Stockstadt

Customer: DB Netz AG, Frankfurt
Construction period: 6 months Year of construction: 2021
The noise protection walls in Stockstadt are divided into two main sections (noise protection wall 1 and 2), which are situated on both sides of the line 4.100 over a total length of approx. 1.4 km. The project is a one-to-one replacement construction. First of all the existing noise protection wall is demolished, and the new noise protection wall is constructed in the same line. Noise protection wall one is flanked by buildings standing close to it and runs along a bicycle path. In the area adjacent to noise protection wall two there is an agricultural road. Due to the local conditions, the noise protection wall 1 had to be built working from the track with a one-side shutdown of the line during nightly shutdowns.

The existing agricultural road made it possible to build noise protection wall 2 from outside the railway track and without shutdowns. A total of 3,000 m² noise protection wall elements, 900 m driven casing pipes, 100 t steel supports were used. In addition to that, two crossings of lines requiring a total of 28 m steel or reinforced concrete beams, needed to be spanned. These were put into place by means of a railway crane or a truck-mounted crane.

ABS 48 VE Buchloe - Memmingen

Active noise protection for the region Allgäuer Tor

Customer: DB Netz AG, München
Construction period: 18 months Year of construction: March 2018–September 2019
Execution planning for all contractual performances like the new construction of noise protection walls of a length of 4.5 km and height of 3-4 m, 7 km underground cable laying, 12 torsion beams for noise protection wall and protection against contact, refitting of the earthing facility of existing buildings, new construction of a hot-box detector.

Renovation of noise protection wall Obermenzing-Rohrbach

Renovation and sustainability

Customer: DB Netz AG, Munich
Construction period: 12 months Year of construction: April 2017–June 2018
Planning, dismantling of concrete and aluminium noise protection elements on a distance of 15 km, dismantling of profiled piles on engineering and earth structures, driven pile foundations, new construction profiled piles, installation of aluminium noise protection elements. Very short shutdowns, as well as extreme conditions during railway operation.

Noise protection wall IECC Merseburg

Noise protection around the cathedral and university city

Customer: DB Netz AG, Leipzig
Construction period: 7 months Year of construction: 2017
4 noise protection walls with a length of 2.7 km in three construction phases. 600 driven pile foundations in partly difficult driving soil. The construction of the noise protection walls was carried out entirely from the track by means of road-rail excavator with accessory equipment and railway vehicle. Further work on the superstructure or platform was carried out simultaneously in the immediate work area of the noise protection wall, which was constructed at the same time as the entire construction measure.

GE Erfurt-Eisenach

High speed on the line = noise protection

Customer: DB Netz AG, Erfurt
Construction period: 10 months Year of construction: 2017
Dismantling of existing noise protection walls, new construction of noise protection walls, 414 steel pipe foundations
425 noise protection wall poles, 6000 m2 noise protection elements, 1.8 km length of wall, 4 m over upper edge of rail.