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    General contractor network construction

Signals are indispensable controls in rail and road traffic. They ensure optimum road and railway user safety. It is important that the signal itself has a secure foundation.

A genuine innovation has been created with "TECDOWN." In addition to ensuring a short Construction period with minimal operational interference in production, the system makes compensation of dimensional tolerances, bypassing of local obstacles and adaptation to different soil conditions possible. A long service life is ensured for future use thanks to the great accuracy of fit as well as the maintenance-free construction that resists settling.


invatec GmbH, Dieselstr. 21, 74589 Satteldorf




Digital point of intersection Stuttgart

Customerr: THALES Deutschland GmbH, Ditzingen
Construction period: 22 months Year of construction: 2022–2024
Delivery and installation of signal foundations for the project Digitaler Knoten Stuttgart - stations Bad Cannstatt, Untertürkheim, Münster, Stuttgart Hafen, Vaihingen, Fildern.
Driven casing foundations large construction form TecDown 116 pcs.
Concrete monolith large construction form 76 pcs.
Concrete monolith small construction form 204 pcs.
Signal platforms for TecDown (Invatec) 20 pcs.
Signal adapter plates TecDown 20 pcs.
Foundations for array element connection cabinets 100 pcs.
Foundations for array element connection cabinets 70 pcs.

high speed project Digital Control Centre Zwieseler Spinne

Pure nature and digitalisation of railway in the region Bayerischer Wald

Customer: PINTSCH GmbH
Construction period: 14 months Year of Construction: 2022–2023
In addition to the traditional underground cable works and signal foundations for the new control centre we have been awarded the contract for the simultaneous construction of railway and road, as well as for the landscape management. In connection with the project there will be further projects like the construction and foundation of five buildings for control and switchgear facilities and two hot box detection facilities. The challenges are the particularities of the pilot project, the planning legwork, the rocky ground, and the sensitive switch gear technology still in operation.
Further challenges are logistics, access ways and the delivery of material to the very remote, one-track railway line, as well as the requirements of environmental protection and species conservation.
Signal foundations (prefabricated concrete parts and partially foundations on rocky ground)
Signal foundations TecDown

IECC Osterburken

Underground cable engineering, signal foundations and environment measures for the construction of a new integrated electronic control centre

Customer: DB Netz AG
Construction period: 24 months Year of construction: 2021–2022


The main construction performances in the field of underground cable engineering are carried out during a complete shutdown of the lines 4900 and 4120 between Möckmühl and Osterburken, from Seckach, to Osterburken, up until Eubigheim the underground cable engineering performances like track crossings, cable chutes, construction of side paths, cable ducts, signal and signal bracket foundations are continuously carried out by the construction site team during the six weeks in day and night shifts around the clock. The total length of the construction site amounts to approx. 25 kilometres of track. After the termination of the complete shutdown the pull-in of about 120,000 metres of control, communication, and safety system cables is started. For the realisation of the new cable duct, a new side path construction must be produced at various railway embankments by means of ballast boards, in order to enlarge the slope shoulder. At the railway station Osterburken a new point is installed by LEONHARD WEISS during the shutdown for taking into operation in 2022 for a better interconnectedness of the tracks. After taking into operation the dismantling of the old technology is carried out during subsequent nightly shutdowns with the aim of terminating the project at the end of 2022.

Numbers, dates, facts

New construction cable duct: 6,500 m
New construction side paths: 1,600 m
New cable crossings: 41 pcs.
Signal foundations: 73 pcs. (driven casing pipe foundations, concrete monoliths, small foundations)
Signal brackets: 3 pcs. with pile foundations DN700 and sheet pile boxes
Laying of control, communication, and safety cables: 120,000 m

IECC Merseburg, 2nd construction phase

New signals for Merseburg

Customer: DB Netz AG, Leipzig
Construction period: 1 month Year of construction: 2017
The 24 signal foundations were partly carried out by means of a sleeve for instant installation, in order to be able to install the signal directly afterwards. The foundation lengths of the individual signal foundations were measured according to the corresponding soil characteristics and varied between 4.50m and 7.50m in different sections. Individual driven steel tubes had to be driven to the final depth by means of relief wells. The brining into service of the signalling technology took place in mid-May 2017

Building technology IECC NIP Neustadt-Iphofen, Lot 1

Signal foundations at high speed on the line

Customer: DB Netz AG, Munich
Construction period: 4 months Year of construction: 2017
Construction of signal foundations including development of location in connection with an advance measure for the new construction of IECC Neustadt. 45 pcs. driven pile foundations with signal foot adapter „TECDOWN“
Speed on the line in the section of construction up to 200 km/h with resulting requirements in the field of safety measures. Construction execution according to a pre-defined, tight construction planning, as well as hindrances due to promptly necessary maintenance measures.
Extremely short preparation time with the beginning of the execution 4 working days after contract conclusion.

IECC Osnabrück

New signals for Osnabrück

Customer: DB Netz AG, Hannover
Construction period: 44 months Year of construction: April 2016–December 2019
Foundation and installation of signal brackets, foundations in rock, micro bored piles, work during 24h shutdowns as well as shutdowns < 3h during railway operation. 350 signal foundations, 16 pcs. new construction signal brackets, 5 pcs. de-installation signal bridges.

Level crossing Kißlegg

Signal foundations in Western Allgäu

Customer: DB Netz AG, Munich
Construction period: 4 months Year of construction: 2016
The works were carried out with a road-rail excavator and vibrating pile drivers during railway operation. 30 signal foundations were placed.

IECC Heidingsfeld, 1st construction phase

New foundations for the IECC module locations

Customer: Consortium ESTW Heidingsfeld
Construction period: 20,5 months Year of construction: August 2014–December 2016
Performance as general contractor in a consortium lead by Siemens AG from planning to bringing into operation. Execution according to a pre-defined construction phase planning scheme including continuously required week-end and night shutdowns. 173 pcs. driven pile foundations with signal foot adapter „TECDOWN“ including development of location and creation of access route. Dispersed over 48 km railway line with 6 stations.