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Bahnhof Bamberg

Customer: DB Netz AG
Construction period: 2 months Year of construction: 2021
Particularities: As general contractor LEONHARD WEISS took over the responsibility for execution planning, BIM coordination, as well as the construction of respectively 30 m platform extension at the station Bamberg. Platform works, underground cable engineering, drainage works, superstructure works, and equipment works were realised during a very short period of time. Both platforms made of prefabricated parts, were constructed with new railings, new signposting, extended sound engineering, was well as adapted overhead line facility.


BIM project to prove the practicability of the BIM method. Building models were created and combined with subject-specific models (overhead line facility, control, communication, and safety system). The data and information (routes, trades, locations etc.) were digitally recorded, processed, and combined to form BIM objects. After successful 3D-modelling, schedule planning and the service specifications were linked with the 3D-model.

Transport depot Breisgau tramway – Höllental Ost

Travel more comfortably in the region Hochschwarzwald

Customer: DB Engineering & Consulting, Karlsruhe
Construction period: 8 months Year of construction: 2019
Reconstruction of 7 transport depots for mobility conform access and new construction of 2 elevator pits, as well as the entire schedule coordination. Installation of 1.5 km white platform edge incl. foundations, 6 km cable routes in platforms, 1 km drainage pipe and seepage trenches for platform drainage. Production of a guidance system for blind persons. Delivery and installation of the entire platform equipment and electric engineering. All works were carried out from the track by means of a road-rail excavator.

Breisgau suburban railway 2020 section Höllentalbahn West

New transport depots for Germany’s steepest railway

Customer: DB Netz AG, Karlsruhe
Construction period: 8 months Year of construction: 2018
Thanks to the complete shutdown of the lines 4300 and 4301 from Freiburg main station to Titisee and station Bärental the construction measure could be realised within only 6 months. During this time simultaneous works on overhead lines, point heating, superstructure could be carried out. Passages and rock consolidations could be newly built. Due to the fact, that the lines partly have only one track, track-bound vehicles were equipped with a tracker, which makes it possible to locate the equipment on the construction site and coordinate it accordingly.

What was constructed

New construction transport depot Himmelreich incl. lighting system, new construction transport deport Hinterzarten and Titisee incl. lighting system and two elevator pits. New construction of points at the station Himmelreich, station Hirschsprung incl. formation and deep drain. Underground cable engineering from km 12.5 to 34.0 with a total of 12 special foundations for signalling technology, laying of cables for control, communication and safety system from km 12.5 to 34.0, laying of cables for telecommunication from km 12.5 to 34.0.

IECC Merseburg, 2nd construction phase

Modern platforms for Schkopau

Customer: DB Netz AG, Leipzig
Construction period: 9 months Year of construction: 2017
The construction of the platforms 1 and 2/3 was carried out simultaneously with the crafts cable laying, track underground construction, track superstructure, underground cable works and engineering construction. The demolition of the old facility was partly carried out during operation during shutdowns. Three platforms with lighting system and equipment were newly constructed, a pedestrian overpass (steel construction), a station forecourt, a drainage facility in the platforms, as well as two elevator pits.

3-track upgrade Freilassing-Salzburg

New possibility of boarding for the city of railway employees

Customer: DB Netz AG, Munich
Construction period: 22 months (in several sections Year of construction: 2016–2017
Construction of a centre platform with handicapped accessible ramp. Exchange of soil up to 2.50 m under foundation level on the entire base area of the platform. Surface layer of platform incl. guidance system for the blind and mosaic pavement areas at installations, connection and passenger information system, foundations for platform lighting system. Various individual foundations for platform facilities and platform signposting.

VDE (German Unity Transport Project) 8.1 BA 2400 Zapfendorf

New platform at the station Breitengüßbach

Customer: DB Netz AG, Erfurt
Construction period: 2 months Year of construction: April–May 2016
Demolition side-boarding platforms and centre platform incl. the entire railway infrastructure. Construction of centre platform with weather protection shelters and staircase enclosure, as well as lighting system. The platform was built by means of traditional construction methods. Very short Construction period right in the middle of a 4-track railway line which is being newly constructed.

VDE (German Unity Transport Project) 8.1 VP Ebensfeld

Boarding now – there is a new stopping station

Customer: DB Netz AG, Erfurt
Construction period: 8 months Year of construction: 2016
Demolition of existing platforms incl. reception building, new construction of platforms with equipment and land improvements. New construction of concrete switch tower with 50 Hz facilities, integration of platforms into noise protection walls, staircase enclosure and access tunnel with elevator.